Gud Nooz frum KCTailkinker

Dis landinged in mai inbox tuday!  Wooot fur KCT!!!


Gud Ebening Mai cween! 

Rite nao Ai hab to hab IV meds foar 4 moar week weeks after habbing 4 dun nao and den Ai hab to hab 4 reely, reely, reely oral anty biotics and den after dat Ai hab 2 hab anty biotics foar teh rest ov mai life.  Ai wuz tayking IV anty biotics twice a day witch wuz teh pleh and teh meds can caws mai kidnees 2 be damaged and mai heering further destroyed.

The gud noos iz dat awl Ai hab 2 doo iz do IV meds WUNS a day nao! Teh meds ar sposed 2 be 1 gram uv med in an IV bag twice a day BUTT nao Ai am 2 hab 1 1/2 grams in wun bag wuns a day!

Teh heeling beems and teh prayers to CC and awl teh gud wishes hab ben mayking meh 2 respond well! Ai am so happytailed! Awl mai deer frens hab been halping meh wif awl teh lub, wishes, prayers and heeling beems hab helped meh 2 do well!

Lub and hugz 2 awl mai deer frens!  Ai still needs prayers, lub, hugz, heeling beems and gud wishes ar still needed butt Ai wanted 2 tell awl teh gud noos!

Hedbonks & purrs!




14 thoughts on “Gud Nooz frum KCTailkinker

  1. Oh, happi-tale! heerz tew heelin
    recubberie in da best wai fur ur boddee! adn a beautimus boo-kay ov autumnal flairs 4 u tew enjoi

  2. Bless GOD, Carol! HUUUUGE sigh of relief and great joy in our LORD, and many hugs!
    Love you lotses! —janey (altosinger)

  3. sparkysmom runsinwifakwickness wearin hur cute liddel cheerleading owtfit wid da pom poms anda cyoot widdle pleeted skirt! (cheers) GO, KC, GO ! (turns left) GO, KC, GO ! (punches rt) BAD INFECTION ! (punches left) BAD INFECTION ! (drops to one knee, raises arms skyward) GO, GO,GO ! (falls ober inna heep, wif pantin) (whispurrs) congrats, kc- gud goin! keep it up,up,up !

  4. Cattails dashes in an sees Sparkysmom cheeringleading and resisting teh urge to pounce on teh pompom fingys, joins in teh routine. Teh stadium iz full of cheezpeeps! Everyone’s on tehir feets rooting fer KCT! KCT races down teh feild wif her IV pole dragging. Teh pleh infekshun is running off teh field. Teh cheezland crowd iz going wild. Wow! Wut a sight! Cattails falls ober in a heep wif sparkysmom an wispers FANKS CHEEZFRENDS!!!!

    • an da hole stadiem flikz der bix literz, an sweyz bak an forh an singz ♪♫♪♫ ♪ ♫
      ♪♪♫♪ wii am da champienz ob da werld!!!!! ♪♫♪♫♫ ♪

      cheezelub 4 1 anudder conkerz awl….

      b well an strong KCT, wii iz wif u!

      an lub 2 ur amazin frend cattails .. her rallied da power ob da peepz!

    • Teh all-doggie vuvuzela marching band takes teh feeld at intermisshun and duz a spectaculol show with marching in teh pattern of cheezburgers and ebberyfing. Dey plays awl of KCT’s faborite songs and keeps teh crowd cheering.

      Teh pleh infekshun iz seen leebing teh stadium and running frew teh parking lot and tew teh hills where it be gone forebber!

      • awsum! Ai luv taht wun taht goez ‘paaaarp parp paaaaarpity paaaarp’!

        *cheers wildlee*

        Go go go! Fight fight fight! Win win WIN!!!!!!

        U goe KCT!! Cheezefrends r awn ur side an sendin a kontinuous streem uv beams, gud thowts an heelin wishes tew u! *hedbonks an shmoos*

  5. OK sends lotsa adn lotsa beems adn prayers fur da continued getting-well tu KCT. Dis iz such good gnus. KCT adn her kittehs haz alla da cheezpeeps in her pockets.

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