Namez In Deh Wind

Dis b frum ower frend, MamaCat. 😀

Mai Cween, cud u pleez let ebrybody no that agin this year on Sunday,  i will be reeding names of all those who have passed on this past year. If anywun haz peeps or kittehs dey would like to put on deh list, leeve me messaje and I add dem.

We du dis sew dat teh wind takes deh name and sends it all ober the wurld, sew eberbudy knows it.




37 thoughts on “Namez In Deh Wind

  1. Fankees Mamacat. Iz lubbly tradishun — we duz dis tew in teh House of CC’s Boss dat I attendify. Pleese to adds Tracy, Wilma, Judith, and Leo to da listification?

    • O fank u foar menshuning mai Mama’s nayme. Mama Dofy. Today wuz teh church’s Awl Saynts Day survice and day intoned awl dose hoo went ober teh bridj sins last Awl Saynt’s Day Ai miss mai Mama Dofy. So mush. Fank U foar telling meh dat mai mahm wuz daymed, Sparkysmom and fank u Griffyn foar menshuning mai Mama! Fank U so mush!

  2. Whut a lubly fing to do. I no can has nayms of peeps or kittehs, but bweeze to b addifyin Maxy an Moritz to teh liszt. Wus mah girl an boy bunnehs, bof crossed teh bridj this yeer. Fanksalot. {{{MamaCat}}}

  3. ahhh, so kindobyu MC. pls tu add my widdle yorkie gurl, Cookie, to da list for dis yr. and can yu do my lubly little Sparky dog who passed last yr ? an my Mousse kitty who passed last yr, too? wud be so kind, my Cookie was 15, an Moussee was 13, but my Sparky was only 9 and still hurts my heart when ai finks ob him (poor baby) thank yu sew muchly

  4. Ohai MamaCat! Dis am a beri byootimus fing yur doing….fank yu soe muchlee!
    If yu wuld pleez tu add Meg tu yur list? Hur wuz mai border collie goggeh dat
    crossed da bridj in Oggust. Mai hart wuld havva hyoog happee tu think dat sum
    small peece ob Meg’s beeg loving spirit wuz going awl ober da whirrld. {{{MamaCat}}}

  5. I have added all the names to the list. I like being able to help others, to know that their small ones are remembered, always, by someone, even if something happens to us, our fur babies of whatever kind will be remembered somewhere in the world!
    I like to think that the names echo in the Grand Canyon, bounce off the Alps, swim the English Channel, turn upside down and cross Australia, and then do it all over again, just to make sure they are everywhere! Anywhere the wind blows, there will that child of CC be remembered, no matter how you see CC!
    I lubs you awl, and, I gitz tu go tu doker this Monday! Yay! we will seee how sooon the sirjery can bee!!

  6. {{{{{{{{{MC}}}}}}}}}} fangz so muxhly fur duing dis fing. Pls tu ad Arly, mai 14 yeerz owld calico. ( She mite be picshur heer)

  7. Almighty Boss of CC, we entrusts awl who are deer tew us to thy nebber-failing lubs and cares, for dis life and teh lives to come, knowifying dat Thou art doings for dem better fings den we cans desire or pray for…and we asks special blessings upon Momcat for her kindness to awl ob us as she lifts up teh names of dose we lubs but no longer see in dis life.

    (Paraphrased (badly!) from the Book of Common Prayer.

  8. (((((MC)))))
    I’ll hab to wait til I get home from werk to add a few of the many that disappeared/crossed the bridj this yeer.
    Thanx for thotfulness, MC and SM.

  9. How special this is…thank you for doing it. Please add my Diana (aka Miss Kitty) who crossed the bridge last year. And my friend’s kitty brothers, Robin & Cinnamon, who followed this year. Thank you so much! *Wipes tears from eyes after reading the comments*

  10. Fankees MamaCat – if I could add mine own Possum to the list..himz went to the bridge a couple of days after Christmas last year an tehre’s still a hole in my heart…an, an, an if you would also be so kind as to add Gabriel – GLubzMawm’s heart kitty – her heart is recently broken from her loss, aifinkso….an, an, an one more..Prysmkitty’s Loki…aihopeizokay. Fankyu agin frum teh bottom of my heart.

  11. plz tew add goggee Satchi, peeps Jose, Lonny, Vicki, Bud, Big Ray, an a jenerull wun fur ebbreewun hoo died frum teh Hiv + hoos names ai dunnot no. An wun fur mai unkkle Tom.

  12. Pleas add Dark Angel (x2) , two kitties, years apart, separate trageties Dr. Tinycat could not save from their lot in life. Thank you.

  13. o, todai mai bestest and oldest fren cald to sai her Inky went obr teh Bridge Caturdai. Ai has alwis wanted a kitn liek Inky, sweet, cudly and funny. Naow ai is pikshuring mama dorfy, in teh Meadow, surrounded bai all the lubd kitties, wif names and wifout.
    {{{{evrybuddy hoo lost sumbuddy tihs yeer}}}} hour thots ar wif u.

    • Inky wuz on deh list seberal times, i fink Inkies did nawt dew sew gud dis yeer!

      The names wuz red, and deh wind tooked them awl ober the world. no wun will bee furgotten naow.

  14. I have read and reread the comments on this Names project over the last several days.

    I am always so touched by the compassion and love on this site (as well as the humor, wit, and devilment!). Thank you all for bring a tear to my eye and a smile to my heart.

  15. I suddenly have a frog in my throat. What a wonndermuss thing to do. Would you be so kind to include my sweet Luckyboy? He was an ossum kitteh of the orange stripey variety. He left a whole in our hearts last January.

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