Chemo Hatz frum Peg

Peg sez shii has a liddlol “Ooops”  ….

I haza trouble.. One of the Cheezpeeps was going to be having chemo, so I told her I’d make her a hat… Well, I finilly have some hats done, *whispers* but I forgot her name  :oops: So, if whoever it was (I’m soooo sorry) will please contact cweenmj  if you want ‘em, I’ll sent them..

If u emayo mii, i will forward it to Peg so shii kin sending u deh chemo hats. 😀



3 thoughts on “Chemo Hatz frum Peg

  1. If anyone isn’t who I promased I’d sent one,but wants one ,tell cweenmj and I’ll send it.. They’re crocheted out of acrilic,every stitch done with love,but not lots of skill..

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