Murphy Crossez deh Bridge

please to excuse this re-post….

{{{{Cheesefriends}}}} I have such a big sad today. I haven’t talked about this because so many other folks have big problems, are sick or borked or worried about big troubles.

My kitteh Murphy has been very sick with Lymphoma. She has fought hard but over the weekend it became clear that my sweet girl was too tired to fight anymore. So this morning I brought her to her vet and with much sorrow and great love helped her cross the bridge. She was ready, she went into the light before the doctor had even finished giving her the shot. Good bye my sweet baby. :cry:

*hides under the bed and cries*




44 thoughts on “Murphy Crossez deh Bridge

  1. You gave her the most difficult, most unselfish gift….you gave her a painless passing. We all grieve with you today….many of us have been through this hellish pain more times than we can even count…and it never, ever gets easier.
    Bless you for loving her and giving her the best life possible….she knows she was loved unconditionally (as were you, my friend!)

  2. BF is in our thoughts and our hearts. We know this is a hard time for you, but know that there are always Cheezpeeps here for you! Murphy will be in your heart always and take comfort in the thought that she knows you did what was right for her and she loves you for that.


  3. {{{{{BF}}}}}

    Noze ‘bowt it tew whel, gotz teh snifflez az Aye typez. Sumtiemz, duin teh bestest, ritest fing, iz awlsew teh hartest. Bein’ able to letz go iz teh deepest luv: knowin’ dat, duzzint maek it enny eazier,

  4. It hurts so much, when the only way left to love and support them is to give them that last gift. And it’s such a huge gift, because you ended her suffering in a body that was failing at the price of your own heartache.

    Murphy was a lucky girl to have you.

    You have hugs and love and extremely heartfelt condolences from the whole household here. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{BF}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    *wishes Murphy sunbeams and catnip and kitty treats and new friends to play with in the Meadow, and says a prayer to Loki to greet her*

  5. {{{{{{{{bf}}}}}}}

    Hugs to you and yours.

    Come back out from under the bed when you are ready and we will all be here for you.

  6. wiht mai sensesz all a muddol
    az ai scrape froo lifesez puddol
    all iz fowl adn fill fee
    adn ai iz borked

    teh shayp az ai r in
    wood mayk a devull grin
    adn ai trai to fidn mai way
    butt ai r borked

    teh reesuns 4 mai sorohz
    r bownd 2 mai 2morohz
    adn teh past taht ai muss carree
    mene ai ‘m borked

    werz teh lite taht shood be shinin
    werz teh silvur linin
    if itz gonna bee laik tihs
    tehn ai r borked

    adn so to lifesez edn
    az ai laiz wiffowt a frend
    a hed ai seez teh brij
    adn ai r borked

    butt stop mai hartzez waylin
    stop mai currij faylin
    cos ai seez u way tin tehre
    adn ai ‘m not borked

  7. *sniffs a sniffle and wipes a tear as I crawl under the bed too, bringing chocolate.* You did what you had to and it wasn’t easy. It’s been 3 months since I took Arly to the bridge. She’s waiting to play in the meadow with Murphy now.

  8. *wypes aiz n bloes noes* I sew sawry BF!! Ur msj browt bak memreez ob mai Callisto – Cat from Hell’s last daee ober 3 yrs ago. Ai noes ur pane n mai hart borks fur u!! 😥

  9. Sorrow beyond words. It is no small thing to tear out a piece of your heart and send it with them over the bridge. Know that the amount of your sorrow now is the amount of love your baby feels from you, and right now Murphy is running through the meadow telling all the other kittehs about her perfect wonderful human. She will watch over you and love you always, now and someday when you are together again.

    I know it’s too soon for words to help much; just know that we love you and we’ve been there. You did what was best for her.

  10. Oh my, I am so sorry to hear of this. You have my heart hon, it is such an incredibly hard thing to do, even when you know it is the right thing to do. I too have been through this, and I have also had times where I waited, thinking things would get better, and those are times I wish I could forget, because then my babies suffered. Giving them this great gift means so much to their spirits, so much to their souls. They are done suffering, the nasty old body that caused such pain is cast aside like a used up pair of underwear and they are once again free, free from pain, free from sorrow, free to go home again. Know that you did the very right thing, and Murphy is so grateful to you, not only for loving her while she was in that physical body, but for loving her enough to know when it was time for her to get rid of it and run free.
    I have told all my kittehs about Murphy, and they are sad for you, but happy for Murphy, to know that she is all healed up now, and running free in the meadow, while she waits for you to join her.
    Many hugs and tears hon, and a kiss on the forehead from an old Mama to help just a little bit with the pain…….

  11. Oh, BF, mai hart cryz fur u! It iz sew hard wehn u has tu maek teh decizion, eben tho u noe it iz teh rait fing tu du. {{{{{{BF73 adn Murphy}}}}}} *Wypes leeky eyez*

  12. *Crawlz unner bed adn snugglez negst tu BF.* Ai haz bin in dis sitchewashun twise, adn it halps tu bii hazing a sholdur tu bii crying awn. Ai haz two ob dem adn dey iz boaf drip-dry. *gibz BF bigbig hugz*

  13. *drags tishoo boks unner teh bed wif ebrybuddy is teh sad cuddle-huddle-puddle*
    tehy is nebr wif us lawng enuf, butt Shepmom is teh ritest, aifinkso. Tehre is a balans in teh multiverse, uv lubs and missings an happees.

  14. Please know that I am under the bed with you, too…you did the right thing–the most difficult, but exactly right thing. I know baby Murphy is well now.
    {{{{{{{{BF and Murphy}}}}}}}}
    Don’t ever doubt that you did the right thing.

  15. {{{{{bluesfan}}}}} Menny heeling beems tew yew. Yew gived hur ai gift, lettin hur owt ov hur payne. May she romp all happitayl in teh meadows ov yur hart furever….

  16. {{{{{{{{{{Bluesfan, Tucker, adn Murphy}}}}}}}}}} May yur hart find peece adn heeling during dis difficolt tyme. Ai yam soe sowree fur da loss ob yur beelubbed fur babbeh.

  17. onoes! {{bluesfan}} ai hazza leeky aiz fur yoo. so very sawree fur yoor loss. heer. hava Shamwow. yoor fur bebbeh will awlwaiz be with yoo. Mai Wheresa Kitty and Prudence still visit me at night sometimes. I can feel them jump up awn teh bed. Reelee. Uzzlee jus wun atta tiem.

    wkm n Maya

  18. Ai juss seed teh nyoos on teh turtlol fred adn mai aiz ar leekin wiv yu. You haz taken teh hardest adn most loving decishun fur Murphy adn she will be in yur hart fur evver.

    *kreeps unda teh bed wif sofftee blanket*


  19. Mai, eyes, dey leek. Bluesfan473, Mai hart iz braking foar u. Ai am so sawry dat ur sweet behbeh, Murphy, had 2 go ober the bridj. U cared foar her and lubbed her and u did the final act uv lub foar her wen U tuk her to the V-E-T. She knew u lubbed her and wud do teh rite fing foar her. Ai kno ur hart is borked. Plz to kno dat CC is wif u and dat wii, ur frends, ar wif u too. Ai am so sawry foar ur loss and mai hart iz wif u. {{{{{{{{{bluesfan473 & Murphy}}}}}}}}}

  20. {{{{{{bluesfan and murphy}}}}}}}} ai am sure yur hart has a hurt but it will awlso has a membrence forever and that keeps murphy alive foreber.

  21. *slides under bed~ ware dere’s alwais room for anuzzer frend with moar shamwows*
    Dearest BF, I’m sew soree 4 ur loss.. I have sent a heartfelt prayer message to my sweet furries that have also crossed over to be there to help ease the transition for your sweet Murphy. Also to my horsie girl to offer her broad, warm back at nap time like she used to do for my furbabiez. {{{BF & Murphy}}}

  22. {{{{{{BF}}}}}} Giving you a hug a day for as long as it takes to help ease teh pain you are feeling now. And then a hug a day to share your peace. And then a hug a day for when I am blue. Come back everyday, there is always a hug for you here. {{{{{{BF}}}}}}

  23. {{{{Bluesfan}}}}}My heart is with you. What a great mawm you are to have shared with your Murphy her crossing in such a gentle manner. Ifinkso it was a gift she gave to you in thanks for all you shared. Chelsea has a special place in the Mu Meadow she shares with newcomers, and I know she will show Murphy all of the sunny spots.
    {{{{{Bluesfan and Murphy}}}}}

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