Teh Cheezland 500 Mowtor Rayc

jd says:

Deez bandits aer welkom on *** Teh Cheezland 500 Mowtor Rayc ***

Dis will be helded tomorrow on teh noon pikshure, webber it be lol oar nawt. Teh rayc will be from Teh Catnip Inn adn will goe rite rownd Cheezland.

Tawp prize: Elebenty Cheezburgers adn a gallun jug ob Chokklit Martoonie!


5 thoughts on “Teh Cheezland 500 Mowtor Rayc

    • Dehre am no map. Feel free tu making fingz up az u go along. Here b sum uv deh landmarkz:

      Pi Stall
      D’Beaker Lab wif dhe Mary0spocken Liberry
      Rown-dee-bowt wif deh JanetCanHas4Kittehs Fowntain
      Princess Mu Medow
      Nawty Barn
      JanetCanHas4Kittehs Theatre
      Hed Splort Recubbery Lounge
      Nom Cafe

  1. ooouuuu.. awace!! der haz not bins a cheezlands wun inawiles. Ai cant wait tu reeds allabowtsit (em mabee eben leevs teh lurkee whole to put too sense in!).

  2. This was sew mush fun tewday! I laff*laff*laffeded* Next tyme I am going to soop up meh InchWorm riding toy and sweep deh raysus!!!

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