Cheezburger Votingz

I gotted dis in mai emayoz and I finking it b relevant tu ower intrests:

Ohai, MJ –
I had sent an email to the cheezus that be asking why my votes for LOLs never
seemed to be counted on ICHC.  Here’s what I got back:

—– Forwarded Message —-
Hi Ann,

Thanks for writing in and sorry for the trouble! We are experiencing some
problems with our voting system. When a user votes, we are having a lag time of
five minutes before the vote registers. Also, if a user tries to refresh the
page, the vote will go back down to the original count. Don’t worry though-all
votes we receive are being accounted for!

Hope this helps!
Customer Service


3 thoughts on “Cheezburger Votingz

  1. I’ve got on da hoempaeg wid onlee 34 votez and nawt got on it wif a hundred. I nevr can figure owt da votingz anywaez. Ennybody noe watz goin on? Izzit dat sumtimes dey has enuf LOLs so yu hasta get more votes an sumetimes dey nawt has so menny an yu can get on wid onlee 34 votez??? I’ve been on da hoempaeg 14 timez…but I’ve maed over 1,500 LOLz!!!!

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