Gnu LOL SkedYule

I gotted dis frum deh Grated Cheeziz:


o hai cweenmj!

Hope everything is going well!

I just wanted to update you on a few changes with the ICHC schedule of posts starting today.  Everything is the same except the 7pm post will be a video and there won’t be a 9pm post and instead there will be a 10pm post that will be a regular lol (so we’re posting 7 lols a day on ICHC instead of 6, so there will be MOAR fun!).

Let me know if you have any questions!




4 thoughts on “Gnu LOL SkedYule

  1. Fank yoo.

    Iffn yoo went tu a NYC Public School, dis am a lot like wut teh end ub year schedual change announcyments sounded like ober teh P.A. (Datz where from deh graduated awl dem peepz who made up dose ‘nouncements on teh subways.)

    Just kidding, prolly just mai ADHD/DYSLEXIA/ &/or awl dem other brainium problems dat makez dis ‘nouncement littlol insensible tu meh…

    (If a train leaves Ohaio @ elebenty o’clock, traveling elebenty mph, wut tyme will it arrive in TTI?)

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