Cheezland Calendar: Anonymouse kittehs, plz halp!

O hai, guise! We have received elebenty-fourteen pictures for teh 20Elebenty Cheezland Calendar and are sorting through them to make the prettiest pages possible.

But some pictures donot have information on either teh kitteh’s name and/or teh name of the Cheezpeep owned by teh kitteh. Plz halp?

Go to, click on ur kitteh pic if it’s there, and put a comment wif teh required infos. If u don’t see teh pic u sent there, it means we already have the informations we need. kthxplzhurry

We hope to have everything ready for sale by December 1th.


2 thoughts on “Cheezland Calendar: Anonymouse kittehs, plz halp!

  1. Ohai LCB, ai hoepz yew gawt mai infurrmashun dis thyme, ai reely fort ai’d putt it awn teh orridjinal pic wot ai sented fore teh callenda. Muzt be gettin owlda tahn ai fort. Ai sent it erlier tihs mawning (ower mawning ennyway). Fankees fore teh effortz yew’s puttin into teh callenda, lookin furrward tew seeing it!

  2. LCB, Ai has posted my kittehs name on the webbisite twice now and ai can’t seem to get it to stick. De pikure of de kitteh on de door is Rembrandt.

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