CC Plays a Joke

dis b frum deh Old Lurker:

CC haz playd a big joke on me. We tookz littlol Inky tu the Dr Tinycat for vomicking. Dr Tinycat sez dat Inky canot be spadeded. WAI? Inky izza BOI!!!!!

Very funnie, Celing Cat!  It seemz dat he was so littlol dat his bitz were tu small for uz to notise. (Oh, an he iz not vomicking enny more. We had tu putz hiz fud inna box dat big boi, Zipper canot get intu. Inky waz eatin fast-fast-fast becuz Zipper wud eat hiz babee fud.

Hugz ans Kizzes, Old Lurker


14 thoughts on “CC Plays a Joke

  1. Taht iz 2 funnee! Wehn Ai wuz a littlol kidlet Ai gawt a tabbee adn naemed him Cinders. Wehn Cinders wnet n2 heet, him becaem Cindy!

  2. ROFLMTO! CC has the bestest ever sense of humor! If you don’t believe it, look at the duckbilled platypus!
    Love you lotses! —janey (altosinger)

  3. Sew…Inky’s were Dinkies? Well, glads yoo founds awt — kitteh nawt grows up wif identitee crisis! Iz very nice of yoo to gibs him private dining room, too — iz importants to keeps teh fuds down!

    CC duz hab clebber sense of hyoomor! Sew glad ebberfing has workified awt!

  4. Love these kitteh stories, I keep a bag of kitten chow just for treats, they love it and I can afford it! ( elebenty big ones)

  5. Luklee, Inky haz nootril naym! Ai hax dis happin to Manfred & Callisto. Callisto stayd Callisto, but Manfred waz teh nawt sekind “Ayla”!! CC lyks gud laff, aifinkso!

  6. We hadda cat name of Pansey. (Momma cat wuz Pandora, kidletz awl giben similar monikers)
    Ai can nawt rememberz why, but Pansey, (who, ub course, turned owt tu be a boi) stayed “Pansey!”

  7. 😯 o mai! glad tehy found teh rite bits!

    we had a kitteh we thot wuz a boi until him had kittens in teh clozet. (huzbind’s gramma gibbed him to us, sed it wuz a boi, i guess her eyesite wuznt so gud akshuly an we never looked for owrselfs, fooled teh v-e-t too)

  8. LOL!! That same thing happened to us. We brought home a Gracie, and ended up with a Grayson. Explaining to the vet that Gracie was now Grayson was fun too.

  9. Heh heh. Happens quite often. We fostered a boy who brought a tiny kitten with him – called Odie, “definitely a boy”. When I picked them up I said “o.O – she’s a tortoiseshell…” Her name changed to Rosie and she was a very beautiful girl but Ben was somewhat disappointed at first.

  10. Nawt had dat happin wif a kitteh…butt(!) mai boifren bot 2 hamstuz finkin dem wuz boff boiz (teh pet stor had dem in 2 cages, a boi cage anna gurl cage, an we gawt em boff frum teh boi cage) an den yesturdai moarnin, Nuts had 5 or 6 pink squirmy bebehs! It wuz a good fing we kawt dem fytin an gaeb dem separit cagez, cuz Skitzo wooda got himz behind bustid bai teh noo mamah!

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