Gud Nooses

Dis b frum SparkysMom:


Ai know we come heer lots lookin fur help an beems when fings go wrong (have done it my self an i fank awl da cheezpeeps fur der halps) but i had beri gud noos 2day,it lifted my hart, thot it wud b gud 2 share- heer goez:

good news!  my bst friend,Rosie’s, eldest daughter, allison, graduated law school last june (first in her class!) and took the cali bar exam a month or so ago-eberybuddy be sitting onder hands wishin an hopin fur a pass.  friday she called her mom and said “so, you got any little legal issues i can help you with?”  SHE PASSED THE BAR !  FIRST TRY!  THE CALIF BAR!  THE HARDEST IN THE COUNTRY !  CONGRATS, ALLISON!  GIRLS RULE!

I tease Rosie all the time about the horror of having given birth to a lawyer, but at least she’s a smart one. GO ALLISON!



11 thoughts on “Gud Nooses

  1. MamaCat does a half cartwheel and falls down. Dusts herself off and looks around quickly, with air of “I meant to do that” all about her…

    Yay! Deh wimins, they iz smart, yesh we iz!

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