Sad news from Tidmum

Tidmum posted this on ICHC yesterday:-
Sowee I has nawt been nout to play for a while.
Today, My Mummeh took her final step ober teh Brij 😦
I noes she am tehre wiv awl ower hart kittehs an goggies an her beloved son,mai wunnerful brudder.
Teh Night Watchman will luk after her,an show her rownd the meadow.I knows dis an feel comfortid bai it.
Go Well Mummeh. Xxxxxx


32 thoughts on “Sad news from Tidmum

  1. Very sorry for you ,Tidmum. Being with those loved ones that went before us is the best comfort( in the meadow with the nitewatchman).

  2. Mai hart is sew heby fur u. Know that she iz naow healed and comforted, and will bee wif u awl wayz, in ur hart.

  3. Dearest sister-in-love, i am still praying for your comfort, and for the strength to get through the days ahead. I am hugging you so hard! And my eyes are leaking and my throat has a big lump in it, too. What a wonderful Mummy she must have been to have raised such a wonderful daughter!
    All my love—janey

  4. I’m so sorry about your mother, Tidmum. My own mother crossed the bridge in July, she was 94. I’m sure she was there to welcome your mother & talk about how their daughters were so silly over their cats!! Please remember that she is only in another dimension and she always walks beside you.

    Many, many {{{{{{Tidmum}}}}}}!

  5. Oh my – what Manfred Mom said was so beautiful. *leeky, leeky aies*
    Maybe your mom and my mom and her mom. . .
    It’s just that that dimension seems so far away sometimes. *sniff*
    You were a wonderful daughter, Claire. Hardly any mother could have asked for more.
    And our wonderful Night Watchman will surely take care of her, as he did mine.

  6. {{{{{Tidmum}}}}}

    So sorry you have lost your mom…mine passed away 12 years ago & I still miss her.
    They are probably in the meadow playing wiff da kittehs & talking about their kids.

  7. Dear Claire, I am so sorry for your loss. Your Cheezfrens are all mourning with you, please know that.

    Your Mahm will be waiting to greet you and guide you obber teh Bridge when it iz yur time. Until that far distant day, please know that you did everything possible for her and you were a very good daughter. My heart is with yu in yur sorrow.
    turtlol hoo iz crying naow….

  8. Dear Claire,

    As Turtlol said, we are all with you in our hearts. Your mother was surely a wonderful woman, because you reflect her every day. Feel our love and support in the days ahead, and know you have a world of family ready to hold you whenever you need it.
    Love and support to you all, dear Tidmum!

  9. Oh, I iz sew very sorry for dis loss. Remembers dat iz nawt dat we leaves dem behind, it iz dat dey goes on ahead of us tew teh place where we wills awl meets again. Ai noes dat nawt helps much right nao, but ai noes when your mummy gots to teh meadow, she mades ebberywun come over sew she coulds show dem what a wondermus daughter she habs. Love nebber leaves us, love nebber dies, love is nebber ebber broken. She is yours and you are hers forebber.


  10. Mai deer deer Cheezfrenz,
    I fanks you AWL so muches for teh lubbly words of comfort. I feels trooly blessed to hab such wunnermowse peeps in mai lyfe. Xxxx
    I often shared Cheezstuff wiv mai Mummeh…she LUBBED to hear ov awl teh goings on an sillehness. She noed taht yoo is such amayzing peeps an had a happitayl taht so mennee peeps is as daft an silleh an lubbing ob teh aminals as we are 😉
    Her was teh Pied Piper of teh Village…often walking wiv a herd of kittehs,tayls a waving,up to teh shop . Tehy wud sit an wayt owtside an tehn follow her hoam again 😉 !!!

    I picture her walking over teh Brij,being led in by mennee tayls awaving prowdlee,an a chorus of purrrrs an meows,woofs an chuffs 😀

    Fankyoo my wunnerful frenz {{{{{{Cheezfrenz}}}}}}

  11. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. My deepest condolences to you and your family. May you find comfort in your memories (she sounds like a lovely woman, inside and out).

  12. Dear Tidmum, hugs and beams for your loss, your Mum must be so busy catching up with your brother and all the animals in the Meadow – it’s hard for us when they leave but I’m glad it helps you to think of her there.

    {{{{Tidmum adn Fambly}}}}

  13. Losing a Mum is hard to bear, I hope the thoughts and love of teh cheezpeeps will comfort and support you at this sad time.

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