The 20Elebenty Cheezland Calendar Is Here!

*LCB runs in with scraps of paper stuck all over her and glue in her hair*

O hai guise! I am tickled pink to announce that the 20Elebenty Cheezland Calendar* is ready! Cost is $18.99 (USD) plus shipping. Four dollars of that goes to an animal charity TBA.

There were over 200 photos submitted. I tried to use at least one of every pet and hope I didn’t leave anybody out. (If you sent elebenty pics of one pet, chances are that only one of them got used.) Pics are grouped in categories, like “BCs, tuxies and grays, o my!”, “Orange but not poisin”, “Heart pets”, “non-kittehs” and more. If you asked for a particular month, please don’t be surprised or disappointed if your pet is somewhere else. You can preview all the pages before you buy.

Oh, and because of design constraints from Cafe Press, there was no room for birthday listings or the pets’ names. I’ll try to get a guide out soon listing what pets are on what page.

In Australia, use this link

In TTI, use this link

In Very Large Canada, use this link


22 thoughts on “The 20Elebenty Cheezland Calendar Is Here!

  1. yeah 4 lolcatburlar.
    aiz alreddy orderrd a wall an a monthly calendras.
    mai pj an jessie is on decembur. diz iz da nawt secund step 2 phame an phortune.

  2. Wowzerz! Mai Inky an Dinky an eben ole man Zipper ar dere. A hafta oarder meny, meny. Thnkx LCB fur such a beutimuz katlendar.

  3. Clapity, clapity clapity!

    Ohai, LCB! Wut a grate job — fankyu berry mutch! ai duzzent has mennie extry munnies tihs tiem ob yeer, butt hoeps ai kan by teh colander soon. Hao long wil tehy be avaba abail on sayl?

    Awlso, ai kuddn’t halp butt notis otter LCB produkts sayin “No RLS” — wai yu duzzen liek Robert Louis Stevenson?


    • O hai! I Really Like Stevenson but I donot like Real Life Syndrome. STN.

      Oh, and I donot know how long the calendars will be available because they are made and distriubted through Cafe Press. But I would guess that you could still buy one in January or maybe even later.

      And there is a “Low Budget Theatre” version available with all the picture collages all on one page, for $6.99. Magnfiying glass not included.

      • Ohai, LCB! Fankyu fer anserine mai kweschuns.

        Yu haz rite — “Real Life Syndrome” (shudder) is teh pleh! taht breevyashun jus didden okkur tu me.

        Hmm, hmm, hmm. (Wanders off to find munnies and do some counting…)

  4. LCB: fankies bery muchly fur dis calendar. All my heart pets are there, but current kitteh (Kidd) ai did nawt see – may haz missed. Ai haz ordered adn ai cannawt wait fur it to arribe. Fankies again.

    • It is possible I might have missed one or two, or in some cases the pictures didnot get to me somehow. It makes me sad to think that someone might be sad to not have their kitteh in the calendar, because this is supposed to be a happy project. But I’m only hoomin. *cries*

    • Check teh cubber! Ai gotz myne adn lukked adn lukked adn did nott see mah Mia, butt(!) mah Tortellini iz Miz June. Den mah oulder dotter kame ober, picked up teh calunder adn sez “Where did you get this lovely calendar with Mia’s picture on the cover?” 😯 Adn dere shi wuz – middul pikshur, left side!

  5. YAY foar LCB an teh 20Elebendy Cheezland Calendar! Ai jus orderd wun foar mai momcat foar Catmas! Shez gunna be so supprized cuz awr Amberle iz luukin sew pretti in hur skin-tite tuxedo awn teh January payge! Fank yu LCB !

    * headbonk, purr, nosie kiss*

  6. Ohai LCB, fankees fur a wunnermuss jawb! Pleez nawt to be sadd iffen yew missd ennywun, yew tryed yore best, we awl noze taht! Ower resqew kitteh be awn teh cuvver, tawp left corna! Cyootest littlol bebe, naow wun yer old adn herz momcat ses herz hudj adn floofee naow! Fankees agen, LCB, cawnt wate fer mai calenda tew flai souf tew uz!

  7. Yay fur deh tu faowszdn lebenty calendar!! Bud will b so happy tu seeing himz pixor on it. Now dat hii am a pinup boi dere will b no living wif him. Hii will wanting noo toyz and fresh nip and fizzy watterz adn a rynestone collar adn ….

  8. Hazel juss keeps frowin hersaff awn teh flor an showin me her belleh 😀 “Lukkit!! Lukitt! Is teh FAYMUSS belleh..I show yoo it :D”

  9. Gotted the calendar – and it is WUNDERMUSS!!!! ai lubs teh themes! an awl owr piccies be dere…Unique an Tira togedder and Eva, and Klepto teh goggie, an Maxtehwunnerhorsie, an Stormytehhartkitteh! An awl teh otter beautimus kittehs….
    Ai hazza happeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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