Nooz frum Shensara

I haz receevinged dis emayo frum Shensara:

Hai guiz –

Sorree ai knot tu play wif mai cheezfrenz laytlee.

Sum may no ai libs wif an kare foar mai mamakat.  It haz been uh struggel, butt we managed.  Until uh week ago, earlee Caturday moarneeng, wen she klozed herz aiz foar teh last tyme adn stepped oberz teh brige.

Mai bacemint kittah, Petey and ai miss herz lotz.  Wee boaf keep lukeeng foar herz in teh howse.  Ai kry sumtymez, an Petey will snuglol foar tu mayke me knot sadz.  Ai no she knot hurtingz no moar, oar misseeng mai papakat hoo crosst teh brige too yearz ago.  In that, ai em komforted.

Sinseerlee yoar cheezfren,


16 thoughts on “Nooz frum Shensara

  1. Ai haz a big sad for yew, Shen. Iz beree hard tew looz a mamakat. Ai hoepz yew taeks sum kumfort in yor happeetayle memreez (an in yor Petey).

    {{{{{Shen an mamakat and Petey}}}}

  2. Shen, am so bery sawree for yor loss. Ai know hao it am tu luuk for yor mamakat an her be nawt dere. Mai aiz am leeky for yu an yor Petey. Menny big warm an cozey hugz for yu bofe.

    Mamakat am alwaze wiff yu eben if yu nawt see hur.

  3. Oh Shen, ai iz sew sowree foar yr loss! {{{{Shen & Petey & mamacat}}}} Ai still miss mai Gra-knee…she wuz the funnest Gra-knee evar!

  4. I am so very sorry for your loss. My own mother died earlier this year; I still find myself thinking things like “I need to tell Mom about….” every day.
    Sending you beams of comfort and inner peace.

  5. Ai heer yoor voyce adn luk up
    wiff a smyl tahtz kwikly gon
    ai smel yoor purr fyoom
    wen ai walk intoo a room
    adn cach a glimpz ov yoo
    owt teh corna ov mai ey
    ai heer yoor futsteps
    adn furgett ai am alone

    ai’m told too let yoo goe
    butt scared taht iff ai doo
    ai haz nuffin too replayce yoo
    in teh voyd taht iz mai lyfe

    soe ai wil cling on
    wiff stengf adn desperashun
    too how fingz yoost too bee
    too how mutch ai stil luv yoo
    adn how mutch yoo luvved me
    how evry singul fing
    woz seen froo teh filter
    taht woz “us” adn “wee” adn “owr”

    adn pray taht kum teh day
    itz my turn to cross teh brij
    taht yoo wil bee tehre waytin
    taht saym impashunt luk
    ai sor so offen on yoor fayce

  6. Fankee tu mai cheezfrens. Ai kan feil awl teh huglols n kyndnesses frum yew…thay will karry meh frew teh pleh. Ai haz uh happee tu bee bak amung awl obs yew.

    *huglols n purrz*

  7. Many hugs and beems frum mii adn mai grrl. Ai iz sew sorry for your loss. Mamakats always stays wif us and teh lubs is never borkt or gone.

  8. {{{Shensara}}} I noes juss how yoo feels. Mai own Mummeh wented over teh brij on 26th Nobember. We had her Funeral yestiddy. We merembered her an had happytayls an tears awl mixed togevver.
    I am thinking of you at this sad time an trust in CC that we bofe will feel teh pain an loss lessen as time goes by.

    • *nods* Mine died on the 27th. Like a thief in the nite, her soul was taken in the early morning hours. I am greatful she was at home with me, but I will never loose the vision of finding her like that. Or how I felt, trying to get her to wake up…bargaining with Him to give her back to me.

      My thoughts and prayers go out to you, Tidmum and those closest to you. I pray your hurt will lessen sooner that later.

  9. {{{shensara}}}
    aiz sew sorri bout ur mum. u mus b loneli wiffour hur.
    u an petey take gud kare ob 1anudder.
    iz gud u got 2 share sew much time togethr. mumz r awlweighz in hour hartz.
    ur cheezfrendz send love an strength an share ur sorrow.

  10. You, your mum, and Petey are in my thoughts and prayers. Cherish your memories. My mum crossed over almost two decades ago, but I still hope it’s her on the phone when it rings sometimes…They are always with us in our hearts.

  11. {{{Shensara + Petey}}} Will be finking of u in teh days to come. U can has cheezlubs as much as u want and need. Dere be many here who grieve wif u.

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