Update on rhsbz Famblee

Dis am an emayo frum rhsb:

Rusty has an infection on one of his feet and my brother is taking him to the vet every day.

My SIL is having a very hard time with the loss because she feels responsible.

My brother is doing better than SIL is, but he’s still grieving.

They’ve tried to explain Ruby’s passing to my nephew who is 3 1/2, but it’s going to take some time.

Thanks to all who have said prayers for them!



6 thoughts on “Update on rhsbz Famblee

  1. ohai! Ai is sry dat ai hazznt reeplied soonur, butt (!) ai has bin moastly awf teh innerwebs diz wiikenz.. ai has bin sai-in prairs an beems foar u an ur famblee, diz izza hawrd wun tew hab.
    Guud luk an gud fwots an beems {{{{{red an famblee}}}}}

  2. heres a beri soft hug for himz Rustyness {{{{{{{{..Rusty..}}}}}}}} ana widdle kissee on himz
    nosey x (>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BEEMS TO RUSTY AND RHSB’S BRO N SIL ET AL>>>>>>>

  3. Ohai Red, ai duzzn’t fink we haz “met” in cheezland butt(!) ai has bene finking of yew adn yore bruvver adn s-i-l, wot a sadd thyme, adn am sendin hudj beems adn huggs fore Rustee – ai hoep he duz betta soon.

  4. Fankees for teh pupdate on Rusty — ai wuz going to askify today how he was doing. Ai alsew send hims many kisses and hugs and pats, and ai prays for peace for awl ob yoo.

  5. Nephew may not understand all that has happened, but he does know that Ruby’s loss and Rusty’s injury are important, handled with dignity, honesty, compassion and love. This is a huge life lesson -done right.
    Git well soonz, Rustee!

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