No Job

Dis sad nooz am frum KCT. Ifinso shii needz lotsa beemz!  I set mai beemz on OHAI adn aim dem at Kansas City. =====>>>>>


Mary Catmas. Ai am getting beddur and awl butt the PTBs (powers that be) mayde teh decision of “release” me so that Ai doan hab a job enny moar.

Ai doan noes wut Ai will do nao butt Ai am berry upset and at wishes dat the PTBs hadna dun dis at Catmas.

Ai needz moar prayers sins Ai nawt habs a job nao. Ai gotta sees if Ai still hab insurance cuz if Ai doan, den Ai nawt ablol to hab teh meds Ai gawta hab. Prayers! PlzKThx!

Mary Catmas to awl mai cheezfrens!



39 thoughts on “No Job

  1. Ai kannot beeleve dey wud du dat tu yu! Ai haz sum angree wurdz in mai hed foar dem! As foar yu, ai am sending healing beems foar yur bodee adn yur hart! Donut let it get yu daown! We aer awl heer foar yu, KCT! We awl luv yu berry much!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{KCT}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} TO INFINITY!!!

  2. Teh stinkee PTB!!!

    Petey n Ai awr sendeengs teh beemz tu yoo frum Shikago Illanoy. Stay warmz, sayf n positibz. Joo habz manee cheesfrenz hoo kare.

    Yoo will git froo dis….ai noez it.


    ((there is a program called COBRA that allows you to continue your heath insurance after loosing your job, but you have to pay your premium and perhaps some of the employers cut. I don’t quite remember, but it is not cheap. I am not sure if you have any legal grounds to threaten them with, but perhaps a call to a Legal Aide firm might help you answer some questions. As far as food, utilities and other such expenses…there are lots of places that help. Also getting a medical card will be a priority. If fact, I am not working now and can help you research avenues of aid. I will give cweenmj my email to send to you. Let me know what I can do. XoX))

  3. KCT – get a lawyer. This sounds to me like a possible violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (illness as temporary disability). Also – COBRA will allow continuation of insurance (for $)

  4. I lift you up for provision and peace, dear sister. I don’t have answers—but i know Who does. Father, thank you for KCT. We ask that You would provide all her needs according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus, claiming Your promise. We ask for peace and that joy of Yours which is her strength. We ask that You would deal with the employer, and if she needs to find a better job, that it would show up–we, of course, would like it to be immediately, if not sooner!–and make itself known. We ask these things in Jesus’ mighty Name, thanking You for all You have done and are doing—amen.
    All my love—janey (altosinger)

  5. tehre ar az menny diffrunt wayz
    az tehre ar diffrunt peepol
    too demmun strate juss how much
    ov uh hore sez asp tehy iz

    tehre ar az menny diffrunt peepol
    az tehre diffrunt wayz
    too demmun strate juss how much
    luv tehre iz to shayr

    teh meshur ov a purr sun (or kitteh)
    iz wevvur tehy em boddee
    teh seckund verse or nott

    adn all wayz memember
    taht iff sum hore sez asp, shoze taht tehy noe lubz yoo
    tehn juss arownd teh corner
    iz sum wun els taht wil

  6. Oh KCT, dis iz such a disappointment fur you. Like so many peeps haz said – call a lawyer. It could be violation of Americans With Disabilities, or eben age discrimination. Ai wuld nawt sit still fur any ob dis. See if you can get any separation pay, extension ob health benefits, unemployment. Call ebery Social Services agency in your area adn fite dis fur all you iz werf. Ai stands by your side adn fites like a tiger.

  7. Tough luck on top of tough luck on top of tough luck! Let the people in your church know as soon as possible. There should be lots of connections and resources that they can help you with!! And it is the season!
    bonks & huggss!

  8. Heavenly Boss of CC, wii rememberates befoor yoo dose who suffers want and anx..anks…stress from lack of works. Guide teh peoplols of dis land so to uze our public and private munnies dat alls may find suitable and fulfilling employments, and gets paid fair payments for dere labors..

    O merciful Boss of CC, who has tot us dat yoo duz nawt willingly afflict or grieve your kittehs, doggies, or der hoomins: look wif pity upon the sorrows of your servant for whoms our prayers adn beams are offerated. Remember KCT, in mercy, feeds her soul wif patience, comforts her wif a sense of your goodness, lift up your count…countnan…face upon her, and gibs her peece…

    Paraphrased frum teh Book of Common Prayer

  9. Wut bumz. Not tew mention law-breaking bumz. If yoo were fired bc yoo have been sick, they are probably required to pay disability. (@ very least they have to pay Unemployment Ins. )
    Az haz been said above:

    1. Get a lawyer (If not affordable, see if Bar Assoc. can suggest someone who will give yoo a short, inexpensive consultation. And/or contact a local Law School to see if they have a Student Legal Clinic.)

    2. Do NAWT talk to employer yoorself!! (But keep a log of any contacts they’ve made w/yoo – dates, names, wut wuz said.) Obviously, don’t sign or verbally agree to ANYTHING (or anything else, if yoo already have. )

    3. Consider applying for Soc Sec Disability & Social Services benefits – process can take awhile, can’t hurt to start now.

    Beems on OHAIST ub OHAI ===============>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  10. oh deer, i iz so sorry to heer dis. 😦 yoo are in my prayrs for strengf an improving helf, an for comfort an for yoo to getting teh help an opportunities yoo need. {{{{{{{KCT}}}}}}}

  11. Oh noes, KCT, ai haz a hudj sadd for yew, afta awl yew hav been froo, butt(!) wen won dore clozes offen anudder wun openz sew while it mite look bleek at teh mowment, ai hoep adn pray taht a dore will open fore yew – bery soon. {{{{{{{{{KCT}}}}}}}}}}
    Adn iffen teh gud wishez frum cheezpeeps can awl be added togevver, ai’z shore sumthin gud will happen. Finking of yew.

  12. Ono, KCT! Dat is deh stinkee! Menee cheezpeeps has oferred teh gud adbise ub contacting a lolyer an alsew yor disabilitee peeps, aifinkso! Remember dat teh cheezpeeps is wiv yew, sending yew beems!


  13. see, kc? ai toll yu da cheezpeeps b fulla helps n ideas !

    why, awl 2gevvur 20 ob us must equal 3 or 4 gud big brains ! (tee-hee)

    yu an i will b talkin bowt da social security dib benes, yu cant get unemployment bcuz yu nawt b able to work. but i fink yu b qualified for DIB, yesh ai do.
    an i was a social security employee for 30 yrs, so i shud know ! lubs n hugs, an we’ll get yu frew dis, ohyeshwe will !

  14. Ai wanna fank eech and eberwun foar awl the gud beems and lubs and hugz foar awl mai posts dat wur postified. Ai had no aidea so mush awn da last cupla posts. Mai eyes, dey ar leeking a lawt nawt just foar wut happened butt foar awl da wunnerful and kind werds and sujjestions. Teh Cheezfrens AR the mostest bestest frens and peeps in teh werld! Aifinkso!

    Hedbonks & purrs!


    • {{{{{{{{{{{{KCT}}}}}}}}}}}}
      Even if we don’t meet here, i know we’ll have a great time when we meet There! I love you bunches, sweetiepie.
      GOD bless you, dear heart!
      Love you lotses! —janey (altosinger)

  15. {{{KCT}}} That sucks so hard! Why oh why is awl this carp heaped on u, mai dear fwend? Ai nawt noes. But ai noes u be lubbed bai ur cheezfrenz and we keeps u in our hearts and prayers and will send beams. Keep us posted, k? No point in trying to shoulder it awl bai urself.

  16. My dear friend I am so sorry to hear this. My heart is sore for you but please, please try not to let the stress push you into a place where you don’t take good care of yourself. You have so many friends who care for you. It seems unfair that so much trouble would fall onto one person but you have battled through so much. Try to keep your chin up and let us know if there is any way we can help.

  17. KCT ai am so sowwy tu heer abowt your sitchewashun! Ai hope yu am getting beddur, but CB is rite….ai donut fink wot yur employur, aka: bum, did was legalol. Pleeze, pleeze awlso cawl yur doktor, cawse if yu izn’t alreddy on it, yu can problolly get State Disability payments (if yur state hazz dat). Beemz on ohai tu yew wif schmoozes and hedbonks {{{{{KCT}}}}

  18. Wat ebbribuddie sayed. Deffinatelee chek wif da drug companies fur demz hab da (no, not indignant!) indigent peeps munniez tew help wif payin fur da medz, oar will donate da medz tew u. In da meentyme, behole da POWAH ob prayerz!11!!

    Keep ur spiritz up! Sendin u a virtual boo-kay ob purple, lavendar, magenta, adn pink orkids tew help u remember dere is sunnyshine, smylols, and da bestest possibil outcome awaytin u.

  19. KCT: annuver fing ai wuld try to do is see if da employer will gibe you a disability retirement. Dat may be sumfing dey will “compromise” for. If nawt, see if lawyer can duz dat “deal” fur you.

  20. Gasp! KCT, ai haz reeding yur poastst and waz glad tu see yuz duing bedder, and nao tihs! at Catmass! ai sending hugz an beems and happibrite thots tu yu. {{{{KCT}}}}

  21. Dear KCT. You remain in my prayers. May the Lord bless you and protect you, and show you the way forward. {{{{{{{{{{KCT}}}}}}}}}}}

    • Amen.

      The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you; the LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you His peace, both now and forevermore.

      All my love—janey (altosinger)

  22. Deer KCT! Ai hazzing teh gud fren, shii b egg salad lolyer wiv Leegal Aid uv Wesstrun Mizzoooreee, dere in teh hART ob Amurrica. Ai can gibbing u herz nayme iff u wuntz.

    Iff u doo, wee figgrz owt haow 2 dooing dat im privatz, k? (Kant membering iff mah emayo iz awn mah Cheezburger profile oar nawt . . . )


    • Noe, mah emayo iz nawt awn mah CB pro fyle. Butt! Teh Cween iz habbing itt! An urs! Soe, dere KCT, iff u wantz teh nayme ob mah fren teh LeegleAid lolyer, maybee wii going froo Her Mage Essty?

      Heer iz teh Leegal Ayd ov Weestrn Missooree nummer aneewaie—- 816) 364-3674. Iz still gud aifinkso.

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