Suthern Caleefornya Cheezmeet

Oh boi!!  a cheezmeet!!  dis kumming frum SparkysMom!!

ai b steelin dis fred fer a teeny, tiny minute pweez-

Noodle an me b nownsen a So Cal cheezmeet in Cerritos, rite near the Mall (605 fweeway n South St.) Furs we pics da day,  den we botes on the plaice

so can yu come Caturday da 8thuv Janumerry, or sonday the 9th at noon (it’ll b at a restaurant to b chosen next) pls leave yur botes in da comments here and da next nownsmint wil say the chosen day, and then we’ll bote for the plaice. YIPPEE ! A CHEEZMEET !


3 thoughts on “Suthern Caleefornya Cheezmeet

  1. Wot a cyoot kitteh!!! Yu can cownt me in for eever day Noodle. The 8st or 9st wud be fine. If ai can do ennyfing tu help yu and Sparkysmom, pleeze tu letting me know, kthnxbai. {{noodle}} {{zeba}}

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