Kross ur Finners

SparkysMom b asking fur a bit uv gud lukkz:
hi guys !

we needs sum gud fots and crossed finners here for a bit, pwitty pls.  My son Matt is a licensed Apple game designer who has been unemployed for 2 1/2 yrs since b n layed off frum da stoopy gamin co he used to work for. For most ob dat time he b workin wif 2 uvvur layd off fwends to put 2gevvur der own co.  Dey been doin eberi ting dey can to open der own shop, while dey been tryin to lib on unemployment  (not easy as we awl know !) WELL!   da gud nus is dey finished makin der furst game for da Apple ipod/ipad, and submitted it to Apple for approval 2day!

It’s a fun game (i know cuz I tested it!   I guess he finks ifn I can do it N E BODY can !  snerk)
Now we awl waits to see if dey approves it  (he says it takes abowt a week to get da word).
Can we hab sum crossed finnurs for gud luck ?  and sum beems ob yes, YES! sended to the Apple peeps, pweez ?  My finnurs is awlreddy crossed so bad dey b hard to type wid .
(wispurrs)  oh, pweez Apple be gud to my boy, himz werkin so hard (24/7 aifinkso) an himz game is cute & fun for da whole famblee)

pweez help ifn yu can cheezpeeps !  Thank yu so much !



19 thoughts on “Kross ur Finners

  1. Sounds great, Sparkysmom! My prayers for getting the company off the ground and the game sold!
    Love you bunches! –janey (altosinger)

  2. Awl-Pawz Crossed Bulletin in Effekt ober hear.
    Awlso, OHAI Beems ub acceptance/pay alot for game to teh ApplePeepz==============>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. Fank yu sew muches ! Ai new ai cud rely onda cheezes to b sendin awl gud fings to b helpin mi boy an himz werkin sew hard fwends! Just like i b sendin my prayers and gud fots eberi nite for de still too long unemployed peeps i dont eben kno !
    ai am beri prowd ob what da guyses hab done and i know der are more peeps owt der doin fantastic fings to help der famblees and make sum munnies– i kno we are awl in dis 2gevvur an we’ll make it frew, yesh we will ! fanks guize !

  4. Fingers, toes and paws crossed heer tew! Wat a wunnerful spirit your boy habs, to take teh misforchoon of unemployments adn turn it into an opporch..oport…a chance for creatibbity. We sends beemzbeemzbeemz to teh Applol folks dat dey habs teh smarts to approove teh game!

  5. Sparkysmom’z son: ai sees you needs sum good thoughts fur your gnu game. Otay – here goes!
    *humm – letz see here, da note says crossed finners XX XX (dats left hand) XX XX (dats rite hand). Oohhh adn ai can cross toses tu XX XX XX XX
    *note also says sum “pleeze” wishes to applol fur da game
    {@{@{@{@{pleezepleezepleeze applol dis game iz grate you needs to approbe it}@}@}@}@}

  6. O, Sparkymom! Ai gawts eberfing crossed like mai tayle, mai fingurs, mai legs, mai hands and arms, and mai eyes! Ai wants ur boi to habs teh job/gayme! Ai fink it wud be mostest wundermuss! Mai prayers ar being prayed and eben mai kittehs ar too! U ar teh mostest bestest Mawm! {{{{{Sparkysmom & boi Matt}}}}} Hedbonks & purrs!

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