Inky Vizitz Santa

An update frum KCTailkinker:

Inky has the inside scoop wif Santa Claws! He tawked and asked and Ai fink Santa will send happy noms to Inky, Sunny and Pyewacket! Inky is mum abowt wut if the hoomun will get noms or coal!


11 thoughts on “Inky Vizitz Santa

  1. Oh, kittehs awlways asks for noms for hoomin, aifinkso. Just sew dey are noms dat teh hoomin can share wif teh kittehs. In an equitable proportion – 10% for teh hoomin, and 90% for teh kitteh!

    • Awwwww…himz beyootimus!
      Luks lyk mai kitteh Putley hoo krost teh brij 15 yeerz ago nao…teh snugglolliest kitteh ai ebber meetid. Happytayl Catmuss tu yu an yorz!!!

  2. and look u guize ! no blud! no blud atawl ! whut a gud kitty !
    when my boy was 7 we took himz tuxie kitty to da olan mills photo studio fora pic- dey puts a black back ground for my blondish boy inna white long sleeve shirt holding his b&w kitty. was byootiful pic, as lawng as you ignored awl da bleeding scratches and scars on da boy’s hands !

  3. Woot for Inky being pals wif Santa Claws! Um, mabbeh he can plead for me, too? Ai wants an unlimited supply of cheezburgers, wif fries of course, and ketchup, and ai wants kittehs to snorgle and goggies to walk and a gnu compyooter. Kthxbye! Oh, and {{{KCTailKinker}}}

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