Oh, Oh, oh, OH!!!!  Yay!!! dis am frum Sparkysmom::


Today Apple approved my son’s game for the iPod and the iPad !!!  only took 4 days !  it’s not ready for play yet,  dey are still tweakin it to make it the bestest it can be.  Matt says will prolly b abowt a munf.
Meanwhile I gotz to fank awl da cheezpeeps, awl ober da whirld who sent da beems and gud thots to Apple for my boy an hiz fwends !!!  Fank yu sew muches !
(Sparkysmom be dancin rownd da room ~ spin,twirl,  skipee,twirl, spin, slip, oops! splat!  AND DOWN she goes!
(whispers)  i’m ok, no reely, i didnt need that foot, an it wasnt werkin dat gud n e way  (sighs)



23 thoughts on “Approved!!!

  1. *dansdansdansdansdans* *bownsbownsbownsbownsbowns* O, o, o! Happytails an o mai! Ai haz a happee, happee happytails wif yippee skippee dans! O mai, dis iz so wondermuss! {{{{{{Sparkysmom & Matt}}}}} Twirls and dans and oop! Ai gawted dizzeefied wif happeeness! Ai haz a happeetails! Wheeeeeee!

  2. *dansdansdansdans* *clappitypawzclappitypawzclappitypawz* Al ob us heer is be dansin n maykin no noyse wile clappitypaws, butz singin in ar hartz!!! Dis b terrifik!!!

  3. Dat gibs me a BIIIG HAPPI!! Post name ob game soz we can all buy it for our “boyz” when it comes out!! (an mebbe da girliez too!)

  4. Well, isn’t that something!11!! Congratulate your son for a job well done–Apple is not in the habit of buying just any old thing–it must have been pretty special for them to even consider it. Hooray for American ingenuity!

  5. oh hao wunnermus! ai has ahuuuge happytail furr yew and ur son, Sparkysmom! Ai hopes menne peeps teh wurls over will buy teh app an use it and ur son will be berry happeh at dat im sure!

    Zel xx

  6. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Awr tails r wagging so hard and fast we just cleared off awl teh tables in teh howse!!! Dis iz bestest gnus!!! Well done! Ebberbuddy dansdansdans!

  7. How bery eggsciting for all! Fur you, fur the boiz, and fur ebberywun heering about it. Fanks for sharing your eggsciting noos!

  8. Yea! Mai tailz ben wiggely jigging since 2010, so ai getz to de nawt second congrtulalatshions to yu of 2011. I danz an dans so mush , dat it took mai a few daze to get on awl 4s aifinkaibedizzinessensashion…need nums.eberybody keeps the danzing go. Conga rats {{{{{{{{cheez”n headbuts eberyonz}}}}}}}}}}}

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