Ode to a Christmas Tree

Look at dis awsum pome dat landinged in mai mailbox frum Rae!!  I haz added a pixor from TrollingTomCat.

Ohai, cween mj!  Heer iz a pome dat mai neffew cat (mai sister Carol’s cat, Major Tom) rote.  Carol haz gibben permishun for it tew be publishd in teh Cryer, if yew seez fit, for awl teh cheezpeeps tew enjoi.  Ai hoep yew lieks it!


by Major Tom

So you have once more tested me,
You human who put up a tree.
You’ll never learn, your head’s too small,
I am the King, I own it all.
Its baubles I will break, and then
I’ll eye the skirt for more mayhem.
You must allow I am a critter
And have no use for box of litter.
The house is mine, so sayeth I,
You only cheer me when you sigh.
Tree, or food, or bed, or mouse,
It’s mine when it is in this house.
I am a cat, you lose the fight,
So Merry Christmas and good night!


14 thoughts on “Ode to a Christmas Tree

  1. Datz am so funnee! Fanks tu Cween for postifiying mai pixor!! Diz be our terriblol tabby, Bumpy! It wuz just a regyoolar pixor, and suddenlee we dixcovered owr tree haz a tayle tu tell! Wunnermus poem, and sew troo!!

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