Gnoo Yrz Day Parade

cweenmj says:

*Tu uv deh Cween’z paigez enter
*wairing deh roy elle purplol tunicz, wite legginz
*adn deh purplol shoez wif deh curly pointeez on deh toez
*Dey rayz dere trumpetz tu deir lipz and
*bloe a short fanfare

*Deh Cheez Town Cryer enterz kerrying a parcht mint

*In a strong voice hii reedz:

Heer ye!! Here ye!!
Hur Majesty, Cweenmj is pleezed tu annown sing
Deh Sekkund An yule lol Cheezland Noo Yeerz Day Parade!!

Plz tu preparifying ur floats, marching bandz, clownz,
et setra fur paradifying on deh 11am ICHC time LOL on
Janumerry Nawt Sekkund, Tu fowzind adn Lebenty.

*Deh Cheez Town Cryer den nailz deh notiss ontu
*deh board on deh Town Hawl neggst tu deh
*Time kunbershun chart.

11am ICHC = Pacific
12pm Mountain (noon)
1pm Central
2pm Eastern
7pm TTI
8pm Yroop
6am Sidney (neggst day)

I kin heering u now: U sez, ‘I noez dat deh prade b at 11 am Cheeztyme, on Noo yrz day oh, cween! but,’ u ax, ‘wut b deh prade root??’

Heer, I let deh Nite Watchman splaynifying it tu u.

*Deh Nite Watchman kumz owt dressinged in himz Bandmaster soot
*wif teh red coat wif deh gold braid trim and
*deh red hat wif de poofy fezzer on tawp.

Now, deh Parade will forming up in deh parking lot uv d’Beaker Labz. Ebbreewun b shur tu beeing dhere in plenty uv time!! Deh parade will starting promptlee at 11 am, leeving deh parking lot adn proseeding on JanetCanHas4Kittehs Booleevard tu deh JanetCanHas4Kittehs fowntin at deh Rown-Dee-Bowt. Frum dhere, deh parade will kuntinuing up JanetCanHas4Kittehs Avenue tu deh TyBooTeek. Deh Parade will den turn rite past deh Py Stall going down JanetCanHas4Kittehs Street tu deh Monorail stop at JanetCanHas4Kittehs Lane whair wii will turning left on to JanetCanHas4Kittehs Spiral, which takingz us bak tu deh Rown-Dee-Bowt. From dere wii proceed down JanetCanHas4Kittehs Court past deh JanetCanHas4Kittehs Amphitheatre, tu deh Hed Splort Recubbery Ward. Deh prade will disbanding at the Princess Mu Medow.

*Den deh Nite Watchman goez bak to practissing
*wif deh Cheezland Marching Band.


4 thoughts on “Gnoo Yrz Day Parade

  1. ai wil bee tehre
    eeven iff yoo duznt see mee
    ai wil bee tehre
    open-mowthd, admyrin
    teh cullurz adn teh moozic
    teh flayvur adn teh spirit
    teh bee tin hart ov cheeztown
    butt maybee ai bee hidin
    in a littul cornuh
    pree tendin aiz a shado
    n iff yoo lissun kareflee
    yoo may heer a littul cuplet
    taht bee mee

    n iff yoo heer mai wurdz
    treet tehm jently
    cuz tehy ar onlee tehre
    az mai emmiss airees
    too karry mai bess wishuz
    too teh kittehs adn teh peepulz
    teh sitty zenz of cheeztown
    for teh yeer ahed, for ebber
    inn evvree corse yoo sayl
    inn evvree paff yoo folloe
    adn wen az sum tymez happenz
    yoo sayl in stawmee waterz
    or folloe paffz awl twystee
    tehn ai wish yoo guidance
    uh hand or hart to cling too
    to bryng yoo wonse more home

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