Sad Nooz Frum Nightshayde

Dis b in mai inbox dis moarning frum ower deer frend Nightshayde


Ohai, Cweenmj.

Plz to letting teh Nite Watchman know dat he will be joined by my beloved Spot.  Our sweet kitteh crost teh bridge abowt an howr ago — Momcat & ai wuz awayk cuz ai had bin rappin teh prezzents.  Fank CC we wuz awayk or mah littlol gurl mite haz finded him awl by hurself in teh morning.

We noticed a day or two ago dat himz breevin wuz labored.  It gotted much worse dis ebening.   Ai wuz lyin on teh floor wif him to try to comfort him.  Ai gotted him to drink a littlol waddur (he neber went off his fuds or waddur) & he perked up a tad — but den he cried a fyoo tiems & gave a horrid yowl … staggered into teh alcove & crost teh bridge.  It went bery fast & we wuz pettin him & telling him hao muchlee we luvved him.

He wuz a bery sweet, jentlol boikat — awlwaiz putted up wif mah littlol gurl eben wen she diddint eben know wut kittehz wuz.

He will be gud company fur teh Nite Watchman, aifinkso.

Fankies fur ur tiem,



40 thoughts on “Sad Nooz Frum Nightshayde

  1. Our hearts are so tied up with our furbabies, aren’t they? I’m praying for comfort for you, dear one.

    Love you bunches—janey {altosinger)

  2. O Nightshayde, yore noos maekes me crai awl over agen for mai Smokey, ai haz such a hudj sadd for yew loozing yore Spot. it was gud taht yew waz wif him at teh edn adn he iz playin in teh meddow naow, wif no payne. {{{{{{{{Spot adn Nightshayde}}}}}}}

  3. oh, ai am sew sorri.
    dat nitewatchman iz holdin spot an dey r singin christmas carols in 2 part harminy an awl da utterz r singin along.
    {{{{nightshayde an spot an nightshayde’s littol gurl an momcat an whole fambli}}}}

  4. sayv mee uh playce
    ai wil bee tehre bai n bai
    sayv mee uuh playce
    aive fingz ai muss attend too
    peepulz ai muss cuddlol
    kittehz ai muss tikklol
    sayv mee uh playce

    done furget mee
    hold mee in yoor hart
    done furget mee
    tho ai hav gon a hed
    adn hav meddoes too egg splaw
    adn wunders too enn cownter
    ai wil awl waze bee heer waytin
    done furget mee

    sayv mee uh playce
    done furget mee
    sayv mee uh playce
    done furget mee

  5. Spot lives in your heart, so he is loved and alive in memory. I am holding comforting thoughts for you, your family, and dear Spot. Hugs and tears…

  6. Spot has good company. My Callisto & Onyx, who’re waiting at the bridge for me, are there to play with Spot until you cross the bridge. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  7. Ai iz sew sorry Spot had to gone on ahead. It’s awlways way too soon. Eben when awr hearts r borked, teh lubs is never borkified — Spot is still yur baby, nao and awlways. Tears and hugs, sad tails and droopy ears from us.

  8. Ai iz so sawry fur ur Spot’s spirit leeving his bodeee. He musta been a verry speshul kitteh.
    Iz guud u kud lub awn him allawai tu teh end.
    {{{{{Nightshayde adn bebbeh NS and mawm}}}}}

  9. Sad ears and droopy tails from me and mah fambily.

    Teh watchymanz will b dere fur ur bebeh…

    {{{{{Nightshayde and family}}}}}

  10. Fank u awl. Fank u so bery much. Ai iz gonna print owt sumfin abowt teh Rainbow Bridge so ai kin reed it to mah littlol gurl (she reedz Ingerlish reel gud, but duzzint yet knowing how to reed teh lolspeak).

    Fank u, cweenmj, for sharin mah tayl uv woe. U iz a shining lite among pplz. 🙂

    • I just read the original Rainbow Bridge poem to my daughter & then explained that Spot had gone over the Bridge late last night (then to put more in a context she’d understand, I told her that he is in heaven with my Daddy).

      She really loved the idea of the Meadow, and of the Princess Mu Cafe overlooking the meadow. She asked when she can go to the Cafe to watch Spot & to the Meadow to play with him — I told her she can do it in her imagination any time she wants to.

      She wants to see him & pet him & say goodbye. I told her she can help us when we lay him to rest in our back yard this afternoon.

      She is sad, but she took it very well. Her Mama & Grandma are way more hartborked than she is — but that’s a good thing. Little kids shouldn’t be too sad right before Christmas. 😉 Her Daddy is also sad (though not quite to hartborked level). He was fond of Spot, as was everyone who knew the fuzzy little guy.

  11. Ai am so sawry about yoor Spot, nightshade. Mah Peaches and Nicki and Mac (who crossed teh Bridge just one year ago) and Winifred and Timothy am, ai’z shure, showing Spot awl arownd teh lovely meadow.

  12. Oh Nightshayde! Ai iz sew sowree foar the loss uv yur darleeng Spot! It is sew bery hard awn teh luved wunz dey leev behynd. Yu and yur famblee aer in mai thots and hart. {{{{{{{{{NS & Spot & Famblee}}}}}}}}}

  13. OMCC!! Nighshayde! I am so sorry to here ths. And utterly shocked! Because this just happened to my beloved Cinders – yesterday, the 23rd – at 3:30 about in the afternoon. Almost exactly the same thing.
    We noticed in the morning that her breathing was quite labored. She seemed perfectly all right and normal on the 22nd. I called the vet – took her in. She said she’d just had another kittheh with the same symptoms – and had given her a cortizone shot – and she seemed to be doing much better.

    She did the same for Cinders – with the addition of an antibiotic, as she had a slightly elevated temperature. She also did an x-ray, and took some blood for a lab test. We took her home, expecting to see her feeling somewhat better – and just a couple of hours later – we found her lying on the floor, breathing through her mouth and clearly struggling for breath. Salleh called the vet that we were coming back, and I was cuddling her – and then she also gave a little “yelp.” And even more labored breathing. I put her gently in the carrier – and we went rushing out. But I knew she wouldn’t be able to last even until we got there. Which was only about 10 minutes away. And I was right. When I took her out of the car (she was right beside me in the carrier) there was no sign of breathing. And the doctor of course confirmed that she had “gone.” And was very puzzled. There had been no sign of anything that should have killed her that swiftly.

    I am now, too, living in a house of mourning. Much crying has been going on. She was so sweet. And cuddly. And pretty.
    She’s going to be on my float for the New Year’s Day Parade, guarded on all four corners by the others – Barney, Fiona, Fin and Tiger Lily. And when the parade ends at the Princess Mu Meadow, I am going to give her to the Nite Watchman – so that I will know she has nothing to fear. I know he will take good care of her. And perhaps she and Spot will be together there.
    *very leekee aiez – can rite no moar. . . *

    • Oh noes — ai iz sew sorry to heers abawt your kitteh too! You and NS fot so hard for your kittehs — ai knows dat teh kittehs know dis too and lubs you both awl teh moar for it. Is sew hard to lets dem go. Hugs and prayers from us.

    • {{{{{Janet}}}}} I hazza hyooj sad fur u awn the loss uv ur belubbed Cinders kitteh… she will be sayfe in the watchman’s cayre until u kin seeing hur agin.

    • Dis iz teh berry skerry! Iz dere teh kitteh epid– epi– bad dizzyeas goin roun?? Boss uv Ceiling Cat fore bid!!

      Ai wud feleing terribulz if mah kittehs wented 2 teh Medo alluvasuddin. Soe sorrie dis happeningd 2 teh 2 ov u.

      {{{{{{{{{{Nightshayde an Janet}}}}}}}}}}}

  14. {{{{{{nightshayde}}}}}} {{{{{{janet}}}}}} i iz so sorry to heer ob teh loss ob yor kittehs. 😦 iz such a hard fing to go throo. i know tehy are well an happy in teh meddow, an i hope yor good memories will help carry yoo throo teh sadness.

  15. {{{{{Nightshayde adn JCH4K}}}}} Ai cannawt haz werds to express my heart break adn leaky eyes wif da loss ob your kittehs. Da loves we haz fur our fur bebbehs is beyond measure.

  16. Oh noes :*( Mai hart is borked :*( I am sew sew sowee taht tehse two wunnermuss an lubbed kittehs have gone ovar teh brij :*(
    Butt.. I has a smile in mai hart knowin taht mai Mummeh is tehere, waitin to take Spot an Cinders on one ob her liddle ‘ Pied Piper ob Whitley’ walks awl arownd teh Meadow, meetin up wiv awl ob ower Hart Kittehs an Goggies an lubbed wuns. Dun wurry Kittehs, Dis is mai Mawm, Elsie Ellen. She cool. Hold eech uvvers paws now; dat Elsie Mummeh is new to teh Meadow too. You will awl hep eech uvver aifinkso 😀
    {{Janet and Nightshade}}}

  17. NightShayde, I am so sorry to hear about your baby crossing the Bridge. Many beems and prayers and scmooz coming your way.

    Janet, We have talked, you know how sorry I am about Cinders. Bod Bless you, and we will be with you in the meadow when you hand her to the Nitewatchman.
    Love and hugs

    • And you too, Janet- all our fur friends will meet Cinders and Spot in the meadow and keep them company until we meet again. {{{Janet & Nightshayde}}}

  18. My hart iz borked foar yoo an ur famblee, NS.

    My Josie will show Spot ware awl teh gud sunny nappin spotz be ovur Teh Bridj.


  19. Mai hart goes owt to yu both. No wurds can tayk awai yur payn rite nao, butt teh footprinz ov yur wundermus kittehs will dans gently in yur harts furrever.

    {{{{{{{Nightshayde}}}}}}} {{{{{{{Janet}}}}}}}

  20. Oh, Ai iz soe sawree mai cheezfrens.
    Ai noez yu habs teh awfull payne in yoar harts rite nao. Mai prayerz R wif yu bof.
    {{{{Nightshayde & Janet & famblees}}}}

  21. Mai eyes leak for Nightshayde and Janet + Salleh. Is so terrible to lose a kitteh frend, espeshully at this time of year cos in teh years to come u’ll remember “oh, this was when xx crossed the bridge.”. Sigh. Nuffink to be done but hug: (((Nightshayde))) and (((Janet)))

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