MomChanz Hubby Needz Beemz

Dis b kumming in deh emayoz frum MomChan:

Ohai, mah Cween.
Ai am asking for prayers adn beeemz adn guud thoughts for mah hubby who is in the horspitul wif kidney failure.  Dr. KidneyTinyCat sez dey will try dialysis ober the next few days, but he also haz diabetes and high blood pressure, adn for some reason stopped taking his meds, adn DIDDN’T TEL ME!  Adn now he is sososososo sick.  Please please post this for me, he need all the help he can get.


16 thoughts on “MomChanz Hubby Needz Beemz

  1. {{{{{{{{{{MomChan’s Hubcat}}}}}}}}}} frum meh Manfred, Ayla n Michio. Meh n Manfred awlso habs teh dy-a-beeteez. We noes wats tu happinz ifz we donts tayk r meds. Beemz n gud fowts frum us!

  2. Oh, dear heart, you are in my prayers—and so is the nawty man hoo nawt tayk hiz medz an nawt tel yoo! (Aifinkso wen hee getz betterer yoo needz tew beet himz wif a wet nuudel!) meenwylez–
    Father GOD, thank you for this dear lady who loves her husband so much. We ask for healing for him and a desire to live enough to decide to do what’s necessary to stay alive. we ask these things in the Name of Jesus—amen.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{MomChan and husbear}}}}}}}}}}}}
    All my love—janey (altosinger)

  3. Prayers and beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz on highest high from mii adn mai grrrl… Hubby better gets better soon so yoo cans yellerate at hims abawt nawt takifying teh meds! {{{{{{{{MomChan & Hubby}}}}}}} We wills be askifying teh Boss of CC to looks after bof ob yoo during dis difficult tiem.

  4. oh, deer, oh, deer, oh, deer! ai m hopin dis situation be fixified wif love, prayerz, paciance, adn a grate Dr. Tinycat. Amen to da beutiful wurdz ov Jenny altosinger, dat ai felt sew much peece wen ai said dem…{{{{{{{{MomChan & Huzzbin}}}}}}}}

  5. Sending you both lots of loving healing beemz, and asking for Angels to watch over your hubbi and all of the Dr.Tinycats and RNTinycats who are caring for him. Hugz to you. {{{{MomChan and Hubbi}}}}

  6. Awl the bestest beems fur heeling tu ur huzbin and gud guydance tu teh docs and nursis hoo am cayring fur him – and strenfs adn cumfurt tu u {{{{{momchan and huzbin}}}}

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