Altosingerz Huzbin Needz Beemz

Dis just arrivinged in deh emayoz frum altosinger:

Hi, gang. Things are getting kind of strange. Yesterday and today, Scott spiked a fever, which went down all by itself, but after that, he was pretty well unresponsive. No, it’s not the pain medication. They have cut that back to next to nothing, compared to what he was taking. Today i got exactly one complete word out of him all day. He was supposed to go into rehab to get him walking again today, but it’s not happening. I am clueless, here. (All right, no blonde jokes!) Please pray for him, for the doctors, and for me. I am very tired. Thank you all—GOD bless you bunches—
Love you lots—janey


9 thoughts on “Altosingerz Huzbin Needz Beemz

  1. Oh Janey *Hugs*
    I’m so sorry to read this..I’m not surprised you are so tired! You must be worn out with worry dear fren.
    I send BEEEMS an hugs and prayers to you and to Scott. I’m thinking of you.xxxx

  2. OH NOZE!!! Sendin all the beams I can shoot through my head to all da lolpeeps in need right now and especially to your hubby!! You needz your rest too. The best way to take care of everyone else is to take care of you first. Here’s hopin’ the sun shines on his open eyes today and he talkin’ up a storm when you get to the hospital!

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