Jazzy Puppy

Dis b an emayo frum Elsa Mama:

Hey there — I hate that I only seem to make to ICHC when I need you guys … I have been lurking fro the last couple of weeks again, with some posts.  And now I need all the love you guys are so good at passing around.  I hope you all know how much everyone helped me when my baby boy Matt was sick and when he passed.  I may not have made that clear at the time.  I have missed you all, but life has been crazy and they blocked ICHC at work (there should be law against that.) I need you guys again for my Jazzy Puppy.   Some may remember how I posted about him and his silliness while Matt was sick.  He really helped boost my mood many many days.  Now he needs me.

He has as yet an unknown brain swelling – either from meningitis or an autoimmune attack on the nerves or muscles in his head or brain. His eyes are locked in place, with the muscles pulling them both to outside. So, while he can “see” his eyes can’t track and he can’t focus with them facing different directions.

He also can’t bark and his tongue is swollen so he has a hard time drinking and eating. He is a very brave goggie and is trying so hard to figure out how to make his eyes work better.  So instead of his normal airs above the ground and flips to grab balls and pizza out of the air he has to concentrate just to walk across the room without running into anything.

He is seeing a canine neurologist and is having more tests today (MRI, spinal tap etc.) So, I am asking for prayer and all good thoughts that they find the problem and can fix it.

Elsa Mama (aka Kathy – Angel Matt’s mama)


10 thoughts on “Jazzy Puppy

  1. Kathy – sending purrayers and beemz for Jazzy’s quick recovery.
    I am so sorry that you have to deal with this, and I pray it passes wifakwikness.
    {{{{{{{{{{{Kathy & Jazzy}}}}}}}}}}}

  2. Asking teh Boss of CC and CD forakwikiness of healing and comfort for Jazzy and hims devoted mummy. Iz sew scawwy when dey r sick and yew donts noe why. Wii askifies alsew for wisdom adn insite for teh Dr. Tinydogs. {{{{{{Jazzy and his mom}}}}}}}

  3. *putz awn purrrayr warryoir hatz*

    Sending lotsa lub and heeling reis of sunyshinz for u. AI hopez Dr. tinnypup finds a cyure~!

    {{{{{{{{{{{Kathy & Jazzy}}}}}}}}}}}

  4. The tests run today and yesterday have not shown any reason for Jazz’s problems. The chest x-ray and abdominal ultrasound were clear. The MRI did not show any abnormalities or inflamation. They did a spinal tap but the results will not be back until possibly tomorrow but most likely Monday.

    In the meantime his eyes are being pulled father to the sides. The doctor does not think it will cause permanent damage. She is going to have an opthamologist look at him when he recovers from the anesthesia used during the MRI.

    The doctor considered tetnus, but he has no obvious wounds amd she said they looked everywhere while he was out for the MRI.

    So, I still do not what to think. I will pick him up and we just have to be sure he does not hurt himself since he cannot really focus his eyes at all. He also needs his food cut up small – I will probably pick him up another double cheeseburger to share with his sister. He got one yesterday as well after his appointment.

    I almost wish the other tests had shown something …

    Thanks for the thoughts and good wished for my Jazzp puppy, I can’t wait until I see his happy wiggling jazzy butt again … right now he gives a good tail wag and he still a good snuggler, but his wiggle is missing … :~(

    Elsa_Mama (Kathy)

    • Precious one, i know how much you need this Jazzy Puppy!
      Father, there is nothing too big or too small for you. we don’t know what’s goi9ng on, but you do—so we ask that You please heal this dear goggie, in Jesus’ Name, and we will give You all the praise and the glory!
      All my love—janey (altosinger)

      • Janey darling — the same back at you and your dearest Scott. I know from my son Matt’s illness that what you are going thru is harder than anyone can imagine, even me. No one can know how it is for you, but each one of us sends you our hearts and our love. And, I know very very well that that is a very good and precious thing. We may talk funny and act goofy, but the people here at ICHC are the best of best in all the world.

        God’s Love and peace to you and Scott

        Kathy (Elsa_Mama)

  5. Ai m prayin fur da wiggler tew be back soon! Ai m puttin’ da Boss ov CC & CD in charg ov dis wun–dis is bafflin adn konfuzin fur sure. hugz, prayrz, adn beemz tew u, Kathy adn tew da Jazzy Puppy.

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