Latest Update frum Altosinger

Hi guys—here is the latest. They have determined that he is leaking cerebro-spinal fluid–seems when he was up and around the other day, he sat down on the john and it was too low, and stretched things too far. They have thrown massive antibiotics at it today, and he is more coherent–knows his name, where he is, and can follow directions. The thing is, our neuro guy is out of state visiting his little ones, and the other neuro guys are either out of town or up to their eyeballs in work. So they are flying him over to Harborview in Seattle tomorrow. I am trying to determine how i will get there and home and where i will stay. They can fly me with him (my inner little kid says, “Oh, boy, i’ve never flown in a helicopter before!”), but then how do i get home? And driving over the pass is NOT an option–not enough experience in bad-weather driving, and no chains, and even irf i had them i don’t know how to put them on. So i have some calls out. Anyway, lots of prayers please? thank you all!
Love you bunches! —janey


9 thoughts on “Latest Update frum Altosinger

  1. Oh, sweetie, I am praying that things work out for the best for everyone. You are such a steady, healing presence, and I know things/rides/docs will fall into place. Hugz adn beemz…

  2. Janey – my dear, I am sending you all my love and best thoughts and prayers. I wish I was closer so I could drive you over the pass (if I could get the chains on … )

    God’s blessings on you and Scott.

    Kathy (Elsa_Mama)

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     my inner kid hazza jealous, my outer adult sez how you gonna get home? 

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