A Tayle uv Tew Kittehz

  • Ai had just teh four. Barney, Fin, Fiona an Cinders.

    Then, a fyoo munths ago, ai wuz babee sitting TigerLily fur a frend hoo wuz traveling. An – she dint want hur bak!! Shez a reelee prittee littlol kitteh – but a bit lowd an demandeing.
    An she shtole Mary0Spckn’s hart wehn she wuz visiting heer in Joolai.
    So waht cud ai doo? ;) She’z still heer.
    And tehn – much to mai grate sorrow – Cinders died – veree suddenlee – a week ago today. She wuz seeminglee fine teh day befoar. An then – she wuz breathing too hard so ai tuk hur to the Vet. HOo luked at hur, gave hur sum shots, took an x-ray – an sed she shud be awlrite soon.
    An hardlee two hours layter – she wuz – *sniff* – gasping fur breth – an ai cud tell she wuz dying. *leekee aies*
    An she died in teh carrier awn the way bak to the vet.

    Maor in teh neggst commint.

  • but there – in the Vets offiss – in a cage in teh VERREE same spot ai had found Cinders – wuz a prettee dark orinj kitteh – naymed Morris. About 4 oar 5 yeers old – an verree frendlee.
    He’d bin there for 8 MUNTHS! Peeple laike him, but they awl alreddee had too mennee kittehs.
    So ai went hoam – an thot about it – an teh neggst morning ai went bak an got him.
    An hee iz a reel sweetee py! an haz – in this awlmoast a week nao, maed hisself rite at hoam! An he getz along well wif teh odder kittehs, too.

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    10 thoughts on “A Tayle uv Tew Kittehz

    1. Yew iz such a good mama! Our hearts iz wif yoo for Cinders going ober teh Brij, but wii rejoicifies wif yoo for teh new arribals!

    2. Ai so sowwy bout Cinders but yu gives a nu lifes to a kitteh who dun haz such a gud won. U shuld always haz 4 kitthehs, at least. Cinders smilin at yu fur such a kumpash-a-nut akt.

    3. Janet ai haz a hart kitteh naemd Cinder. Ai wuz dere wen she wuz borned an halped hers Mama Kitteh Ashes birf hers. She wuz gray. She wuz teh besstis kitteh. She garded mai hoomin bebehs liek a goggie wud. Wen she crossed teh bridjj, nayburrs wii din’t eben noe hoo herd she passed ober began tu coem tu us tu tayle us dat she wud caterwaul at dere pateeo doors wen dere littlol wuns wanderd tu far frum teh pateeo. She wud try to pertekt awl teh hoomin bebehs. We hadded noe eydeea dat she hadded sutch a noetoryitee in teh apartmint compleks. Ebbryone lubbed hers egsept teh ebil boi hoo kilt hers. Dat wuz menny, menny yeers ago. She wuz teh las kitteh ai ebber let owt ob teh howse.

      Mebbe owr tu Cinders b playin togedder in teh Meddow. Aifinkso. Ai habs siks kittehs nao. Mai hoomin bebes r growed up wif bebes ob dere own. Dere iz a speshul plaes foar u wif Ceiling Cat foar ‘doptin ur new bebeh. And ai fink ur Cinders wud approob becuz hers noe u wuz sad dat she wuz gone tu teh bridjj. (((JanetCanHas4Kittehs)))

    4. Sorry about Cinders, Janet! But it looks like somebody already helped to heal your aching heart!! Isn’t it funny how they do that???

    5. Sew, Janet, duz taht meen u r nao JCH5K? Ai am bery sry abowt Cinders….mai sekond kitteh (wehn Ai wuz jest a kidlet maiself), wuz naemed Cinders. Wishing u wunnermous advenchurs wif ur noo bebbehs, adn a Happytayle Noo Yeer!

    6. Awwwwww!!
      I has a leaky eyes an a happitayl hart reading tihs.
      Cinders will always be missed an lubbed but now Morris will hep fill teh hole seh leftid.


    7. wat a sad, lubblie, wundermous adn happie storee u tole, Janet. Fangees fur touchin mai hart tonite, adn Morris fangs u tew… (((Cinders)))

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