this happy new yeer!

Dis b in mai inbox frum SparkysMom.  Fankeez, deer!

Dear Lord-
In memory ob last yeer and wif hope for da new yeer spredin b4 us, pls spred your snuggie of lub owt to awl da cheezpeeps, der famblees an der furry four legged fwends for 2011, still 2 cum.

Hold us in yur hart as we hold yu in owrs. Help us to see yur byootimus whirld ob lub u spred owt awl arownd us.

Pls heel owr harts an let us rise above the loses and herts we suffered this yr.  Let us stand in the warmth and wonder ob yur love. Let awl da cheezpeeps open der harts to help eech uvvur get thru the hard bits ob time dat b comin and reach out our lubin arms in yur name to da famblees an aminuls dat b hurtin dis yeer.

Pls help us to use our big brains n big harts yu gibed us to help us get thru whateber da yr holds in store for us, understandin dat da hurt b de uvver side ob da joy dat dis life bwings us, an dat bn hoomins meens habin hurt n joy. Gib us the inspiration to help each uvvur get frew da hurtin times, ifn dey b comin,  an for awl peeps woo b sufferin rite now from pain n sickness for demsebles or der lubd ones,  help dem to com frew to feelin good, n raysen der faces into da sunshine ob yur lub.
We are so lucky to hab been gibben a special plaice in our harts for de aminuls you put here for us to lub n care for, and share der funni, and da byooty dey show us. For ebery kitty who liks our noses, n makes biscuits on owr tummys, n purrs in owr arms, n bwings us da mousies (eben da ded ones !), n chases da fevvurs, n da milk bottle rings which b hidin unner da frigerators awl ober da whirld, n da 2am chasin awl rownd da howse an up n down da stairesses n ober da counter n unner da bed an frew da koffee table n arown da ficus,
we closes owr eyes n says fank you, lord.
An finaly, we  fank you for 2 beri spechul peeps who b werkin hard to make cheezland the funni lubin plaice we awl comes to for laffin, n jokin, n punnin, n hedbonks, n heddesk, n noseboops  n faispaws,  for Ben n Cweenmj,  may der 2011 b da bestest eber.

luv to awl from Sparkysmom (AKA Melody), Pinky an da Brain, Muffin, Blacky, an Matt


14 thoughts on “this happy new yeer!

  1. What a wonderful and thoughtful prayer for us all!! Thank you, thank you , thank you!! I want to print and frame this to read every morning!!

  2. Dis SO beautimus dat aI printed it owt an posted on teh fridge tu remind moi of da fings tu b fankful for an to always memba da furry litteeh ones n all da peeps, bof cheez an noncheez, woh be needin all year round.

    Fankies Sparkysmom!

  3. Fank eberybuny in de cheez cumewknitty fur bean part ob hour meowy, meowy, circle ob holdin the fluffy paws (and feelers, fins tenticles an awl appendages) so dat we kann tuch eech ober in myd an spiritual sweetness. Ai pway wif awl ob yu fur can haz peazce and hartz fulled wif gud tauwts an bwing tauwts into gud n kindness akshions.{{{{{ Lub tu awl ob yu.}}}}}

  4. Thank you, darling one—that was a real encouragement to me.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{Sparky’sMom and menagerie}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    All my love—janey(altosinger)

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