Upddate on MomChanz Hubby

Dis b in mai inbox frum MomChan:

Thank you, thank you, thank you eberywun, fur all the beemz & prayers & guud thots.  Hubby is owt ob teh horspitul tudai (Noo Yeerz Eave) adn Ai duzn’t haz tu be runrunrunning frum home tu plehwerk tu horspitul wif side trip tu my DrTinycat for an ear infe… unfe.. enfic…  stopped up ear makin mi dizzy!  *sigh*  Naow he haz tu be getting dialysis 3 times a weekweekweek until hopefully hiz kidneys recubber enuf tu be dooing dere job.

Dotter adn I will boaf be chekking awn himz meds taking since him wuz being so stoopy ’bout taking dem.  Why did he stop taking awl himz meds you ask (adn I ask, adn teh Dr.HorspitulCat ask)?  Well, himz sayed he diddnent fink they wuz dooing eny gud, since himz felt a liddul pleh.  So he stopped taking dem.   And den wundured whai himz wus gedding sicksicksicker den befowr. STOOPY! STOOPY! STOOPY! (sorry, had to let that out).   Ennywho, THANK YOU EVVYBUDDY!!!  This could hab biin sosososososomuch worser.




8 thoughts on “Upddate on MomChanz Hubby

  1. Sew happee foar u and hubby MomChanz. Menz kin b sew dam hard hedded sumtiemz wen it coems tu dere hellf. Mebbe himz lernnded sumfing heer. U taek keer ob urself tu. U nawt be enny gud foar him if u gits bad sik! Beems an hugs tu u an teh hubby!

    • That was my comment exactly! Menny hugz an shmoos, dear one. Make sure you get enough rest, okay?
      Love you bunches!@ —janey (altosinger)

  2. sumtimes i b whirryed dat we b lectify da mens as pwesident, yu know? doesnt seem 2 matter how bwainy dey is, dey WONT go 2 Dr,. and dey WONT ask directions, yu know !
    so glad to heer der b pwogress for yur hubbicat !
    heer b special heelin beems for him>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. Vewwy gladified to heer dat awl iz improo..umpir…onpr..gettings better. Yoo must stands ober him wif a wet nudel awl reddy in case he duznt take teh meds again!

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