I hatez tu printing dis, but dis horrible story am tu remindering ebbreewun tu b berry keerful hoo u gibbing ur fur babehz tu.  It comming tu us frum  KyanaBelle.

Wii habs habbed a seerees ob kitteh torchurs an murdurrs heer. Dey finullee cawted teh ebil wayst ob skin cells dat did dis tu teh poor bebehs. 😥

He wuz gitting hiz ebil hans awn dem bai ‘dopting dem frum peeplol hoo run ads foar “Kittehs Fwee Tu Gud Hoem” in Craigslist. Wun ob teh famblees dat habbed run an ad rekognyzed teh deskripshun ob teh furst tu kittehs fownd as dere foarmer bebehs an gnu teh naem ob teh deemun hoo ‘dopted dere kittehs frum dem. Dey cawled teh poleez an dat’s hawl dey cawt him. Dey fink he did dis tu fawr moar kittehs dan teh 4 kittehs dey hab fownd.

Moaral ob teh storee: neber offur ur furbebehs fwee tu sumwon u doan’t noe an fink hard abowt ur nayburrhood befoar u let ur kittehs b outsied kittehs. He did git sum bai looring dem wif noms. Ai fink dis deemun wud ebenshully habbed kilt hoomins if he wuz nawt cawted (if he haben’t awlreddee)

Heer ai linkify teh bery sad storee: http://www.wlky.com/r/26325353/detail.html

😥  Poor bebehs…



8 thoughts on “Warning

  1. I have been watching this story too, I’m outside of Lexington. Horrible man. Atleast it is a felony now to torture and kill some animals here in KY.

  2. It sew sads. Sew menny peeplol r faysing habbin tu leeb dere hoems an go tu rental becuz ob foarcloasurr an nawt b ablol tu taek dere bebehs wif dem doo tu restrikshuns. Ai juss wanna git teh wurd owt dat gibbing ur bebehs away fwee tu peeplol u doan noe kin enn trajiklee.

    Ohai 3kittymomma! Ai iz in Luahbul. Ai libbed in Lexington foar a fyoo yeers. Mai daddeh’s famblee iz frum dere. Ai used tu wurk at teh Leestown VA menny moons ago.

  3. Hewo eberybunnies, Dis be Lunafish and ai am berry happy to be out of de horse spittle. Ai hab no cheez-masheen dere to cummunipurr wiff you, mai fwens. Mai horse spittle stay was short, skawey, but the out coming be all gud news fur mai, except fur dis news ob darwling inosent babes dat be in kitteh Heaben w/the other lubely fur babes that good hoomins has known. Ai no read de stowy yet, but when ai taking care ob childrum who adopted mai, ai give gud noms, Humane society helps and jus in tym beclaws de little bebehs somehow multipwy. Menny wittle fazes to lub. To lub, ai muss no bout sposorialability. Humane Society helped wif birfday control. Ai hewlp wif goopy eye problems an gib pink medicashions if a kitteh sneezee. sew ai becomes to be lyk “ol woman in da shoe wiz zoe meeny babeh lyk elebentyness hudwred chilen an don know wat to do. Aiz called de newspaper an tol dem “Ai haz fwee wondermuss kittehs fur gud homes” The classifications an such Lady said to me “Do not offer kitteh free to good home. People do not always have good intentions, but if they have to pay for kitty, they will probably go look elsewhere and the kitten you care about will be safe.” Having no thoght that anybundy would hurt kitteh, I asked her what had she heard about meanies doing. She toll me peeps feed kittens to snakes or other animals and even tried to “cultify” them. Ai put mai ad in the newsable paper and asked for $40.00 per cat. Many very nice people came to mai cozy home and we would meow over catnip tea and treats. I met some wundamuss cat peeps with marblous accomodashions for mai little babehs. I wanted to go to some of those homes maiself (really). Everyone ai met certainly had no ill intent towards any person or animal. I accepted no money because I was grateful to find a good home for each babe. …..some may eben go on to de unipurrsities and become great thinkers or doctors of veterinarianism. I’m glad I took the journalism lady’s advice. Sometimes muss be carefuller dan over times…ifinkdisbetwuyes.

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