Who’s Whose in teh 20Elebenty Cheezland Calendar

*LCB runs in, with a ice bag on her hed*

O hai, guise and happy 20Elebenty! I has finally finished identificating as many of teh pics in teh 20Elebenty Calendar as I could. Teh results are here: Who’s Whose.

Also, if u has not yet buyed ur copy, teh good noos is that between now and 11:59pm Pacific on January 3, u can get 20% off ur purchase at Cafe Press by using code word CHEERS.

*runs back out to take moar aspirins*


26 thoughts on “Who’s Whose in teh 20Elebenty Cheezland Calendar

  1. Dey’s nawt letting meh git the discownt wif teh code, LCB. Ai’s eggspeeryensed wif ownline shoppin sews ai noes ai did it rite. Mebbe it nawt effecticated juss yet? Wud du it wifowt discount butt (!) mai kitteh bebehs habs demandified tu habs tow noo self-scoopee littur bawkses dis mumf, sew ai iz tite az a skwirl wif hims nut stash…

  2. Hi. Sugar in September is my little gurl. politely known as the Bitch Queen ub de Uniberse by the boi catz, Cap’n Jack, Taz and Rhys who is in the January (G) page. Thanx for the fine calander which went to my sister and also my best frend. And, ob coursr, I kept one for myself.

  3. Sorry to hear that. It’s a Cafe Press offer, not anything I have any control over. Here’s what their blurb thingy says:

    “* Save 20% off your total order from CafePress, excluding shipping charges, gift wrap charges and applicable sales tax. Excludes Gift Certificates, Flip Minos, CafePress Groups purchases and bulk orders. Coupon code CHEERS must be entered at check out. Promotion starts on December 31, 2010, at 12:00 a.m. (PST) and ends on January 3, 2011, at 11:59 p.m. (PST). Offer valid online only, cannot be combined with any other coupons or promotions and may change, be modified or cancelled at anytime without notice. This promotion cannot be applied to past orders. “

    • Okey-Dokey. Ai weel try agin tumorroh. Mebbe dey habben a brayne fart or sumfing. LOL! Fankees foar awl ur wurk on dese. Dey luks lubley!

  4. O hai LCB! I thotso I posted mai kittehs’ info, but it iznt in teh Who’s Whose guide. I posted it fr shur just nao on teh calendar projekt payj.

  5. Great job, Lolcatburglar! Ai am not sure why u is carrying this ice bag around (is it shiny?), but ai lubs lubs lubs the calendar … even though u didn’t include mai highly original artwork featuring … me. But fankees for putting my goggie frend Nesta wif so many wunderful other goggies and animlols – Kaiti and Klepto and Pepper and and and! Their hoomins are mai fwends, u noes. Ai will hang the calendar on mai office wall and print out the Who’s Whose for reference, when u is done. FANKEES again for awl teh hard wurk. Iffn u would laik to receive sum German choklit (very halpful against headaches, hairballs, plehs of awl sorts), send me an emayo, k?

    • Ice bags are the traditional New Years Day headwear for hungover humans. I’m sorry I couldn’t use your wonderful artwork. As you can see, the calendar was so crammed full of pets, there was no room for Cheezpeeps!

      Thx for the offer of chocklits, but I is trying to break out of my plateau. I lost 40 pounds between February and October but have been stuck ever since then. *pouts*

      • Oh, I see! Yes, come to think of it, ice bags are traditional headwear in Germany, too. Yes, I can see there were so many kittehs trying to get into the calendar we really should have added another munf and called it cheezember or sumfink. I sent slimming beams (not beans!), k? I feel ur pain… If u want, ai gibs u a mighty kick and then u somersault from ur plateau? Wud that be halpful?

  6. Ohai, LCB! Yew haz teh awsum! Fankeez for awl yor work!

    The Tuxie kitteh Q iz my Polly.

    Ai emayoed teh cafe press peeps with the “Why no CHEERS code?” kweschun sew will let ebbereebuddee noe ther anser.

    Fankeez agin, LCB!

    • Teh anser to kweschun abowt 20% dis cownt from Cafe Press:

      Thank you for contacting CafePress.com. I am happy to help. The discount code applies to order on CafePress.com and not from the designers shop. Since the discount is no longer valid, contact us to place the order and we’ll be happy to apply a 20% discount to your order. If there is anything else I can do for you please let me know.

  7. Ohai LCB. Ai tried tu get tu da list, but my ‘puter said “Adobe Reader 7 has encountered a problem and needs to shut down”. Den ai gets a black skreen. Ai can open uvver docs ai haz in Adobe 7, but nawt dis wun. Ai eben rebooted but still no lucks. Ai nawt know whevver or nawt tu let da ‘puter “send a report” to see whut da problem iz. But da good gnus iz, ai haz my calendar adn ai fanks you fur it. Alla my kittehs iz in dere.

    • OnleeKitteh, u may need to update ur Adobe Reader. Or, iffn u waits a day or two, ai save the PDF file in a compatible format for Adobe Reader 7 and mail it to u, k? Ai fink ai has ur mail address sumwhere – if that’s ok wif u. Lubs and happi gnu year from Upfi

      • Upfi: fankies. If you hawt haz my emayo addy, da cween can gib it tu you. Ai haz Adobe 7 on ‘puter, so nawt sure why it won’t open LCB’s attachment. Maybe ai shuld see whut version iz current. Ai can wait sum whiles fur you to make compatible file. Fankies.

  8. LCB…yu ar aw sum! Ai buyd 4 calenderz. Ai hab one fur me, one fur mai frend at wurk who lubs Dr Tinycat, 1 fur the Dr CatVet and 1 fur sumbudy I donn member who. In November, kitteh A is mai Dinky. Inky and Dinky ar doin grate! They ar gettin along with old man Zipper nao. They just gat tutored. Luv, Me

  9. *wispas* wuz sew luking fourwerd tew seein awl teh hoo’s hoo butt(!) ai getz a blankee wyte screne wen ai cliks awn teh llinky – haz tryed too thymes naow, we am awai frum erly termorrer mornin (Mundane) wif no innertoobs contact butt(!) will chek agen wehn we’z bak on Furrsday. fankees LCB ennyways, ai’s shore it wuz a hudj lot of werk. Smoozles to LCB

  10. Ohai LCB!!! Yu did susch a wunnermus jawb on deh 20elebenty calendur!! Ai bawt 2 and haz one on mai wall nao! Fankees so much for pudding awl free ob mai furbebbehs in dere!! Cheezlubs and schmoozes – TTC!

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