Altosinger in Harborview

Dis b Sundayz uppy date on Scott:

Some of you have heard some of this–please bear with me! We came over the night of the 30th by ambulance; on the 31st, they went back in and cleaned and snugged things up. There was definitely an infection. We still have all the good physical stuff–can feel his feet and move legs and toes and follow directions.  (Those who know Scott well, no comments from the peanut gallery on THAT front, please! Hee hee hee!) BUT–there is still some aphasia (brain and mouth not too well connected). If that has not cleared up more by tomorrow, they will do a CAT scan on his head. More prayers, please, my dear friends and family.

I am very tired—they have these great pull-out chairs that we just call beds that those of us from out of town are sleeping in. They have given us blankies and pillows and all in all, it’s not too bad. I have done a little walking about, and realized i should have changed into my good walking tennies before i  left because the hills are so steep and my moccasin-y shoes don’t support me too well going down hill. I have minimal shin-splints which i hope will give up tomorrow. There is a huge crowd of believers here and we pray for each other and give lots of hugs. I walked to this beautiful little Episcopal church this morning, and heard the loveliest pipe organ i have heard in a long time–very mellow sound that fills the room appropriately without overpowering it—and took Communion, which was most helpful. They have a concert on the first Tuesday evening of the month, and i think i’ll go! A little good music is just what the doctor ordered, i think.

And that’s it for this update. Thank you all for your prayers! GOD bless you all bunches!
Love you lots—janey (altosinger)


4 thoughts on “Altosinger in Harborview

  1. so, Janey cud yu do me a flavor ? when Scott gets bettur, which I know in my heart will happen, pls slap that stubborn ole coot upside the head (just once, an, ok, nawt real hard) (an nit doesn’t matter how old he is- he is still an ole coot!) for me!
    i hold a picture of you in my heart standin outside in da sun wif yur face turned up into the lite of God’s love – let him warm yur heart wif hope. Melody

  2. {{{{{eggstree strawng beems an angel wings}}}}}
    I’m glad you’ve found a place of solace – I know for me, there’s not much that can be more inspiring than a good pipe organ being played well. You don’t need me to tell you to hang in there, it sounds like you’re doing a splendid job under extremely difficult circumstances. I’ll send beems and prayers for you and Scott.

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