Sad News

Dis emayo b frum rhsb:

I just got an email from 3kittymomma.  She had to help her 14 year old Maine Coon, Pookie, cross The Bridge today.

My heart is broken for her and her family.


19 thoughts on “Sad News

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Pookie, as well as her other kittehs.

    “Pook” was a big, black, handsome Maine Coon who was 14 years old. He was SO sweet. Oh, and HUGE, with huge feets! He was the biggest cat I had ever seen IRL.

    3km’s son was 2 when Pookie joined their family, so the two of them grew up together. Her son is now 16.

    The other two kittehs are Babycat and Lucy.

  2. I am so very very very sorry 3km, it is such a hard thing to do, to let them go, but such a relief for them at the end. You have all my love and thoughts right now.

  3. Thanks for letting us know, rhsb. and how very nice you had a chance to meet this lovely kittheh.

    An 3km – mai hart reelee goes out to yoo. This iz wun ov teh hardest things ebber to do, an yet teh verree noblest an finest way we can trollee shos tehm how verrree, verree much we luv tehm. Leekee aiez just riting this!


  4. Mai Pookie haz bin showin 3km’s Pookie awl obbur teh medow, wer teh gud noms r, wer teh comfee playces foar napz r, an awl dat. Iz berree berree berree hard foar us wuns left heer, butt (!) teh Pookies r habbin a gud tyme, an hab noe moar hurts ennemoar.
    an fankees red, foar lettin us noe.

  5. Thank you all for the kind words and hugs. They really do help. To make a terrible thing worse it is my boys 16th birthday today. My heart is broken for him and the loss of our best friend. thank you all again. {{{cheezepeeps}}}

  6. Ai iz sew sorry. Pookie will awlways be yors, teh lubs nebber leaves us. Iz sew hard to lets dem go on ahead, and teh wait to be wif dem agin seems sew lawng. But dey iz watching ober us, and lubs us awlways.

  7. Oh, 3kittymomma, I am so sad for you, and for your son. To lose a best friend on your birthday is awful, especially for a teenager. Many hugs going to you and your boy.
    ((((((((((((3kittymomma & her boy))))))))))))

  8. Sad, sad nyoos. Yu ar in mai thorts, tihs is such a hard fing to do, but a troo proof ov teh lubs we haz fur owr kittehs. Pookie’s hurtin is over, yurs haz juss begun, adn owr childrun’s hurts iz sumtiems harder to bear tahn owr own!

    Wyps leekee aiz

    {{{{{3km adn yur boi}}}}

  9. Ai am sew sowree foar yur loss, 3kittymomma. Just remembur…yu will alweez be a 3kittymomma no mattur wut cuz Pookie is alwaiz in yur hart.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{3km adn sweet Pookie}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  10. I am so sorry. Keep Pookie in your heart. Gentle beems for you and your family, and especially for Pookie, who’s just getting used to the next part of the journey…

  11. ai wood hold yoo heer
    if onlee ai cared less
    ai wood hold yoo tyte
    adn neber sae gudbai

    ai wood tayk yoor payn
    adn sufferin
    adn mayk tehm mai own
    iff taht woz in mai powur

    butt awl tahtz left too mee
    iz tihs wun last gift
    adn cumfortin yoo
    until yoo reech teh brijj
    tehn let yoo go
    adn crai mai teerz alone

  12. Taht iz beautimuss, sonovawat, yore pomes say just waht ai’m shore lotz of peeps are feeling tho we nawt soe clevva wif teh wurds.

    finking of yew 3km, ai noes haow it hurtz to let Pookie go, butt(!) as ebeerywun sez, we haz to let our kittehs go wehn tehy can’t mannidj enny moar. Beems and huggs to yew awl.

  13. I’m so sorry for your loss of your sweet Maine Coon, Pookie, 3kittymomma. Maine Coons are a special gift. Our Miss Lucie was 17 when she left us Feb. 4, 2009. She was an intuitive cat. And she endured 3 hr. car rides across the state to visit our son in spinal rehab. Their huge paws and gentle nature have a big place in our hearts. 3kittymomma I feel your and your son’s loss. We’ll see them again one day over there. sunovawat your poem brought tears. Good people here.

  14. I’m so sorree tew heer tihs. I know hao hard it iz tew help a kitteh make teh jurnee. My thoughts are with you and your famblee.

  15. O, deer 3kittymomma, ai am so sawry abowt ur behbeh kitteh. Ai no ur hart iz borked and mai hart iz borked foar u. Ur behbeh will see u agin becaws she waits foar u at the Rainbow Bridj. {{{{3kittymomma & fambly}}}

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