Sad news from cweenmj

I just had this news in an email from Poussin Boi:
I don’t know if you saw a post in CweenMJ’s Photo Blog?  Her mum’s heart is failing and beyond repair.  MJ has gone to be with her.
I’m sure everyone will join me in sending our thoughts, prayers and beems to our dear cween. annipuss.

36 thoughts on “Sad news from cweenmj

  1. Oh, noes!

    Giant beemz and warm, comferting hugz for {{{ Ower Cween an fambly}}}. God grant her Mum a gentle passing.

  2. Oh, my dear…words fail me. I pray for comfort, strength and provision for you and the family at this hard, hard, time.
    All my love—janey

  3. Thank you for letting us know, Anni and PB…

    Prayers from us for a holy death and for comfort for our dear Cween and her family.

  4. Finkin of ower deeer cween hoo doez soe mutch for alla peeps wehn tehy sad adn needz halp, uplifts adn just sumwun to tawk to. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{cweenmj adn fambly}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  5. O mai. Mai hart iz braking foar u, cween. Ai noes dat no maddur hao u prepares oar hao u nose dat dese fings will happen, u ar nebber, ebber prepared and it hurts so mush. Mai hart brakes. Plz 2 kno dat ai am praying foar u and ur Mom. Hold ur Mom close as u can which Ai kno u ar, say awl teh wurds she lubbed nao and when u were a child and hug, hug and moar hugs. Mai prayers are wif u and ai wish ther wuz moar dat Ai cud do for u. {{{{{{{{cweenmj}}}}}}}}

  6. Oh mai cween, ai juss herd teh gnus an ai sendin strawng beems tu yu an yoar famblee. Pleez tu noez hao speshul yu R tu awl teh cheezpeeps. Ower harts goez owt tu yu in yoar thyme ob need.
    {{{{{Cweenmj & famblee}}}}}

  7. Lubs to u MJ. Iz gud to b wif luvd won az fey cross ober. Ai waz wif mai dad wen himz cross. Ai nebber ree grets it.

  8. Our cween is so special that I always thought her mom must be very, very special. Hugs and beemz to the cween and all her fambly.

  9. Fankeez tu eecha nd ebery wun uv u fur deh gud thotz and beemz. I arrived last night and Mom wuz awake and lucid, although very tired. As shii got more tired, hur conversation became omore disjointed and confused. I am so glad I got heer in time fur wun moar vizit. Today she slept awl day. Tehy haz removed awl deh monitorz and machines except fur deh oxygen. They gib hur pain medz tu keeping hur comfy. It wuz hur wish and owerz to nawt prolong hur life wif resussitation. When wii left dis ebening, shii waz still resting comfortably. Teh doctorz say it am a matter of hourz oar purhapz daze. I haz mai bro, sis-in-law, Dad, adn a cuzin here and wii sit in hur room and reminiss bowt deh long ago timez and deh funz wii had. Ifinso deh Nite Watchman am viziting wif hur kuz shii wuz talking abowt kittehz fur a bit last nite, adn shii haz nawt had a kitteh in dekkadez! 😀 Lubz tu awlz. –mj

  10. Cweenmj, please know that our hearts are wif u; warm thoughts wrap around u to comfort u and ur fambly during this difficult time. For all the luv and comfort u hab given to so many others here is multiplied a hunnert fold and returned to u. {{{{{{cweenmj ‘n fambli}}}}}}

  11. {{{{{{{{mai leej an famblee}}}}}}}}}}
    ai sew sawri tew heer tihs. I hope hur trip will bii peesful an wifowt pains. Sending strongist beems tew yoo an yur famblee in tihs sad time. We wuvs you!

  12. Cween, Cween, Cween, mai hart brakes foar yoo! Sending many beems. So nise to heer yoar famblee is wiff yoo. Yoo are in mai thots. (((((((((((((((((hugs to awl)))))))))))))))))

  13. My friend, I am so sorry for your pain. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom. Thank CC you are able to be with her, if she must cross the bridge I wish for your mom a painless passage, surrounded by loved ones. That is really all any of us can ask for {{{{{cweenmj & mom}}}}}

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