Beemz needed for Australia

Kittycatlion asked that this be posted

I would like to ask for lots of loving beemz to be directed to all of the people in Queensland, here in Australia, who are facing the tradgedy of the flooding that is happening at the moment. So far there are confirmed 9 deaths, 4 of those who died were children. There are still 66 people confirmed missing, and the authorities are expecting that the death toll will rise as the flood waters receed from each area. Hundreds of people have been evacuated already, but the floodwaters are still rising, the expected peak height will be around 25 metres ( about 80ft) in Brisbane and Ipswich. Brisbane is the Capital of Queensland, about a couple of million population, Ipswich is about 75 miles from Brisbane and has a population of 25,000 plus. The floodwaters have already impacted huge areas of inland and northern Queensland, and the flow of the water will keep crossing the border into New South Wales, and the main river systems all rise in Queensland, so the floods will eventually..probably in the next week or so, reach downstream into New South Wales, and that means that more and more towns will be affected.
The cost is just not of houses and buildings, but livestock, crops and people. Also a lot of kittys and dogs will be lost as well. I am really upset, even though I don’t live in areas that will be affected in New South Wales, as I have friends who live in areas that have or will be. Also, the last time that Queensland had floods like this was in 1974, after Cyclone Tracy had flattened Darwin and the effects carried over to Queensland. I was living in Brisbane at the time, working as a young RN in Royal Brisbane Hospital. I shared a house with some other friends, and when the floods arrived, we helped with the rescue effort and had lots of people who lost everything, bunking down in our house for weeks, as did anyone who had a spare floor space. I saw lots of cats, dogs, horses and other loved pets swept away by the waters, I also saw a couple of children and older people drown before anyone could reach them. I held a young mother with a 10 day old baby in her arms, above water for quite a while until someone could reach all of us with a rope to hang on to. It was truly awful, and I hoped that I would never see anything like that again……now here we are 37 years later, and I’m watching it all again on the TV and internet, and I can’t sleep, because everytime I close my eyes, I see it all over again. This time I can’t physically do anything to help, as I now live about 50 miles outside of Sydney. All I can do is pray, and hope and trust, that it’s all happening for a reason…dammned if I know what the reason is.
The other thing that I can do, and nearly ALL Aussies are doing is donating money to help. My daughter and her hubby, and their friends are all on “Twitter”, and they are “tweeting” people all around the world, and those people are “tweeting” their friends and everyone is trying to donate at least $10 to the flood relief. Bless them all.
I know that the love and strength of the Tearoom Peepz is so amazing, so could you all please send some of that strength and love to Australia….Lord knows we need it.
Thank you . Love and many Hugs to all….kcl ( Carol ) xoxox



22 thoughts on “Beemz needed for Australia

  1. Thank you so much for posting this as we need all the love and support we can get here in Qld and NSW with these floods. 75% of Queensland is declared a disaster zone due to the floods.

    Dear Cheezpeeps – I’m not sure how many of you get to read this, but I am asking you for your beams and best wishes for my family and friends in the south-east corner of Queensland, including the cities of Toowoomba, Ipswich, Caboolture and Brisbane. These areas are, or have already been, about to be flooded to levels equal to or higher than devastating floods in 1974. Thank you, Ms Kitty kitty Puss puss Meow.

      • Plz 2 be safe and mai hart brakes foar u and awl uv Australia. Ai ben watching in KC awn da noos and am so sad. Mai prayers iz awl Ai can do rite nao. Ai haz a sad butt am praying for u and Australia, MsKkPpM. {{{{{{{MsKkPpM & Australia}}}}}

  2. O NOEZ! And AI fouht taht AI hazzing snoe in mai neck uv teh wuds was bad!

    Manee manee beemz and prayerz r going out tew teh land down undah~

  3. Beemz coming over from Yurop to awl the Oz peeps hoo are in difficulty at the prezzint tiem. Yu ar in mai thorts. May yu and yurs keep saef adn dry.

  4. Mai hart goes to Australia for awl the people and foar awl the kittehs and goggies and awl the animlols. Dis iz nawt just an Australian prawblem, it iz foar awl peeps hoo care in the world. Mai hart brakes foar ebberone involved and for ebbery Australian. {{{{{{Australia}}}}}}}

  5. Ai fijnding owt dis 2nite awn sumwunz howsblog. Ennybody noe, r awl teh Eess Ozzeelan Cheezfrens akkowntinged four? Ai hoaping ebbrywun iz saef! And tiehr kittehs an goggies 2.

    *pr3eaying noaw an kepeing awn az teh bad wett fluds dee luge Cweenslan an hedz 4 Noo Souf Whales*

    • Ohai K3K1G – ai be teh fine, am jus west ob Toowoomba in Pittsworth. fireyhellcat iz up norf neer Rockhampton adn she haz had sum trubblols wif werk butt iz okay. Pixie57 iz souf ob Brisbane over teh boarder in New Souf Wales – ai dont noaw how she is, ai fink she is on hols further down souf. Ai don’t noe ob ennee ovvers in dis region? Fankees fer arksing adn pleeze keep teh beems adn gud wishes coming. xoxox Ms Meow

  6. Sending prayers and the heartbeams on high for everyone in Ozland, especially the folks in Queensland. I hope the recovery from the floods will be quicker and easier than anticipated, and that those who are grieiving will be comforted.

  7. My Prayer: Meegwetch Naabbiish (Thank you for the water)

    Great creator I ask with a full heart of thanks for the great power you have shown the Australian people. I now ask if you could show them your great healing power that you have.
    Many of my brothers and sister from LOLcats are really hurting right now and may not be thankful for your judgment in the great naabbii(water) that you have given them. In time
    naabbii is the life blood of the great mother earth and you are restoring her blood that has been used up or abused. My brother and sisters are truly thankful for life. I give you my fast for a day for thanks for all you do in my life.
    Meegwetch to the grandmother moon for the women in my life. Father sun for guiding my path during the day. Meegwetch to the animal spirits and the protection they give to me.
    Meegwetch to my four babies. Meegwetch to the great fire and the lodge. Meegwetch for oodaa(heart) that beats in my chest.

    muskrat who cares for the Fire.

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