From Kimkiwi for cweenmj.

The Nightwatchman – for Cween MJ

by KimKiwi on Monday, January 10, 2011 at 6:50am.

Night has come to Cheezland.  The full moon hangs silvery in the sky and bathes the town in soft moonlight.  The Nightwatchman makes his way around the town, checking that all is well.  He notices that every window has a black ribbon across it, which means that someone very special must be arriving.  The Nightwatchman frowns slightly, as he doesn’t know who it could be.

He makes his way slowly up JCH4K Boulevard, wondering why everything is so quiet.  He  sits on the edge of the JCH4K Fountain, still puzzled.  He realises he has not seen Winky, his faithful companion, all day.

As the Nightwatchman sits wondering what it going on, he notices that Winky is sitting on the pavement on one side of JCH4K Boulevard.  Winky is sitting up, holding a bouquet of brightly coloured flowers.  Slowly, all the heart kittehs of Cheezland appear and form a line down the pavement.  Each of them is also holding a bouquet, picked freshly from the Princess Mu Meadow.  Some have Forget-Me-Nots, some have daises, some have roses, some have lillies.  The kittehs stand silently with their heads bowed.

On the other pavement, all the other heart animals of Cheezland appear and form a line.  There are goggies and bunnehs and guinea pigs and turtlols and hamsters and… well, every animal that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and found a loving home here with the Nightwatchmen.  They are all holding flowers and wait quietly.

Suddenly, at the far end of JCH4K Boulevard, a young man appears.  It is Elsa_Momma’s brave and much-loved Matt, looking happy and healthy.  Matt gives the order “Welcoming Parade, please fall in.”

A white horse appears behing Matt.  The horse has gold threads plaited into its mane.  It is being ridden by Mildred Ast.  Behind Mildred come all the heart horses of Cheezland, slowly walking up the Boulevard.  They all have gold threads in their manes too.

As the Nightwatchman looks in amazement at the procession of horses, he becomes aware of a group of dancing kittehs, lead by Lyanthya.  The kittehs dance in formation, stopping every so often to shake their things, as they have learned to do.  The procession reaches the fountain, and turns to look back down the Boulevard.

The Nightwatchman sees what appears to be mist rolling up the Boulevard.  He thinks it’s unusual for mist to be seen in Cheezland.  But then he notices that the mist is made up of all the loving thoughts the Cheezfrends have sent out to the special arrival and family – swirling threads of red, pink and silver.

He notices a woman being carried along by the mist.  As she passes each of the heart animals, they throw their flowers to her.  She appears to be quite old, but as she gets closer the years disappear from her and when she reaches the end of the Boulevard, she looks exactly like she did when the Nightwatchman last saw her.

With tears streaming down his face, he reaches out and embraces the woman as tightly as he can.

“Welcome to Cheezland,” he says, his voice catching a little.

“It’s good to see you again, Grandma.”



41 thoughts on “From Kimkiwi for cweenmj.

  1. {{{{{{cween mj + famblee}}}}}}

    *lolspeek off*

    I’m sitting here in my office, shedding tears like my cats shed their fur, when the seasons are changing… not only because I’m sad for the loss of MJ, not only because the wonderfull story from KimKiwi touched my heart deeply… but also because of seeing again how wonderfull you people are. Not only are you very funny, but also you are kind, loving and ever ready to help if someone needs you… any way you are able to help.

    Thank you all so much for being who you are. And thank you all for doing what you do. No matter if it is silly, funny or loving… you are definitley doing it right!

  2. KimKiwi, that is just a beautiful story. I’m sure the cween will really appreciate it.
    …leekee ayez all over again!! Fankees.

  3. o, kimkiwi, wut a wunnermus beeyootifull ting u haev dun fur owr cween an her mum. tank u sew mush fur this precsious gift, an fur shareen it wif uz.

  4. That was beautimus!

    3km told me not to read this at work, so what do I do? **wonders if her leeky eies can be attributed to allerjees**

  5. Truly byootimus and hartfelt! Thank you KimKiwi for sharing it wif us too… *goes to find extral large shamwow for leeky iis…*

  6. Dis is a beyootiful tribyoot. It haz gibben meh a happeh dat teh lubed onezes wii lost r nawt in painz any longrz.

    Iz berry berry beyootifulz, aifinkso.

  7. KimKiwi: this is a beautiful tribute you have written. Whenever I read the Watchman Chronicles, I always start with leaky eyes and this was no exception. I had to stop in the middle and talk a quick walk outside because I was getting very emotional. When I came back I did manage to hold back flooding tears, but now my eyes and nose are very red. Thank you again KimKiwi.

  8. What a beautiful tribute. Mayd my eyes leak all over teh playce…

    It was a very cloudy, misty an dark day here, but while I wus reedin, I saw a tiny bit of teh sun peepin thru teh clowds. Luked almost like a larj moon. Brot teh thot to mah mind dat dis resembles the ones that cross teh bridj before us: We mite not see them. But they’z still shinin. An sumthymes we get a glimpse.

    {{{{cweenmj}}}} {{{{kimkiwi}}}}

  9. Dis gibed me a leeky ai and noze but it was wunnermus beyutiful adn ai b leeve dat we all b together sumday, da kittehs, da goggies, da momz n dadz n granparents n cheezekidz adn all we haz lubbed.


    Danku Kimkiwi. Da anniversary of da loss of my momcat is this month and I can see her in da crowd. 🙂

  10. Ai has a need foar teh lolrus’s bukket. Mai eyez aer leeking tu. Wut a byootiful tribyoot foar CweenMJ’s luvlee mama! Not onlee dus yu has a magnifisent abilitee tu paynt a byootiful pikshur wif wurds but(t)! yu has mayed us awl feel such emoshun dat it be oberflowin. Sew perfikt! FanQ, Kimikiwi!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{cweenmj, hur famblee adn kimikiwi}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  11. watt a luvli cene u hab conjured up 4 da cween an 4 awl hoo grievez 4 hour departed luved onez. da image ob da kittehz wif dere flours an awl da odder hart creeturez iz komfortin.

    {{{cweenmj an fambli an cweenmum an eric}}}

  12. Berry berry lubly, kimkiwi. Maded me haz teh leeky eyes, as ai envisioned mai bruther bein welkumed over teh rainbow bridge that way awlsew…

  13. Oh, Kim!! dat am so beyootiful!!!! It warmz mai hart! Fankeez so berry muchly fur riting dis. {{{{{{{{{{{{KimKiwi}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  14. Ai red dis seberal tiemz nao, nda eberee tiem ai gets teh leeky ais. Amazin Kimkiwi


  15. This is a beautiful and moving tribute for our Cween’s mother. It will surely bring her comfort. It is so lovely…I have leaky eyes.
    Take care of yourself. Hugs.

    {{{{Kimkiwi}}}} {{{{cweenmj and family}}}}

  16. Dear Kimkiwi, what a beautiful tribute for our Cweenmj’s mother. This such a lovely picture you paint here with your words. Thank You {{{{Kimkiwi}}}}
    Hugz for you and for {{{cweenmj and her family}}}

  17. Wut teh otters sed – ai has red tihs sebral times and gets teh leeky eyes ebry time. It is indeed a wundermus tribyoot, and a comfort to all of us finking uv Our Cween, and tehn finkg uv our own lubd ones who are over teh Brij and welcoming her.
    {{{{{{Cween MJ and fambly}}}}}
    {{{{{{{{{{all teh cheezpeeps}}}}}}}}}}}}

  18. Wonderful tribute, Kim, I have the leaky eyes, too. This gift is not only for our beloved Cween, but for everyone who has ever lost anyone. Thank you.

  19. Kimkiwi, ai jus re-read dis beautimous story an deh leeky ayez started agane. wot lubberly pikshures – fankees. Reaches for shamwow!

  20. Dat wuz wunnermus, Kim! Mah eyez iz leekin & mah noez iz runnin … an ai iz smyloling.

    {{{{{CweenMJ & Famblee}}}}

  21. (((((((((((((((omaicween)))))))))))))) Kimkiwi, that’s beautiful. Mj, I can’t tell a story at all, but my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  22. Oh, KimKiwi – fank yoo eber so much fer such a lubberly tribute to teh Cween’s Mom. You have created a wonderful picture that honors our greater cheezfamblee an all its members on both sides of the bridge.

    {{{{{{Cweenmj’s famblee}}}}}}
    {{{{{{teh Cheezies}}}}}}

  23. This is late, but I am soo sorry, Cweenmj. My Momcat passed away on Christmas Eve very suddenly, so I haven’t been able to comment cuz it has just hurt a lot. *hugs*

  24. Lovely, Kim. The eyes are leaking like anything. I am happy to see some of you here I haven’t seen in a while, glad to know you haven’t forgotten us.

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