Memorial fur Maus

Dis came in mai emayoz frum deh Zauberflote


*Zauberflote stands next tew Pi Stawl, handing owt leeflettuce*

Ohai ebberibuddee! Ai nawt been heer in a berry lawng thyme, but..t(!) Ai hazzing a Nouns Mint foar yawll. Pleez tew taking wun, an purroozin it at ur lezhyoor.

Ohai awl Cheezpeeps.  Yoo are awl enbyted tew a Memorial Eebent tew take place Wennzleydaledai at teh LOL dat happinz at noon Eestern Thyme. (Maybee sumbuddee can fix teh thymingz foar me plz??? I stoopee in taht regarde).
Tihs Memorial Eebent will be a N’awlins Jazzs Parayde, Rayce, March, an St.Achoo Dezyning Conntest tew onner owr deerMaus hoo haz passinged away lass week.

Der will bee nomz, moosik, teers, schmooz, bonks, boopz, an ebberything wii can fink ob.TyeBooteek stawkin up awn Super Joo Janta Perilous 2000z sunshaydez foar awl.

Parayde bee forminging upp at parking lawt behind D’Beaker Labs, an prosessing as far as it taykes tew get awl entries  rown teh Roundabout.  Awlso teh St.Achoo Dezyning Contest be happnin sime…smy..smult….at teh sayme thyme, sew bee finking ob yoor dezynez faor a St.Achoo mememorialolizing owr deerMaus.

Eggstra: If enneebuddee nose ware Maus’s entry inna berry nawt-sekkund rayce wii had, it wuz a corker, an maybe wii can haz it awn displai?



2 thoughts on “Memorial fur Maus

  1. Mennee daes afftur teh fakt, ai jus wants tu sae hao toadilee ossum Maus’s Memorial wuz. Wii awl gaev deer Maus teh sendoff tu hassing a prowd foar. Ai has sutch a happee dat Maus’s famblee noes dat der mutch-lubbed husbind an daddeh wuz awlsew lubbed sew mutch bai Cheezfrends awl arownd teh Whirrld, an dat hii has tuched an braitind teh lievs ob sew mennee ob us. Ifn ai mannij ownlee a tenf ob wut Maus did wif hims lief an lubs, ai wud cawnsiddur mai lief well libbed. Cheezfrends, ai am hummblold bai awl ur caering an lubs foar wun ob owr oan – moar ebbidins dat Cheezland, azza reel cawmewnittee, bees ossum biyond bileefs. Schmoos tu ebbreewun!!

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