Noo Addishun tu deh Princess Mu Medow

Dis b frum MamaCat.  I haz also putted it on deh Princess Mu Medow page fur posterity.

There is a place in Princess Mu meadows that moms and dads, grandpa’s and grandma’s, aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters, all know very well…..


MamaCat walks through Cheezeland, down JCH4K avenue, past the JCH4K fountain, up the street towards the Princess Mu meadows. She passes the night watchmen making his rounds, and they nod at each other, this is a trip taken often…..


There is a small cottage, much bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside, and in it live all kinds of grandma’s and grandpa’s, all those waiting for someone before they cross the bridge. There are rocking chairs and cribs all over the place, and a stone fence all around, just knee high, just high enough to keep little ones from going too far. There are also little baskets, just the right size for little fur babies. At the gate is a small sign that says “The Grandpa and Grandma Cottage”…..


MamaCat reaches the meadow, and stops for a few minutes to play with Jill, Wilbur, Dakota and Tiger, then heads towards the bridge part of the meadow….


Close by the bridge, the cottage is there for one reason only- so that the grandpa’s and grandma’s who are waiting to cross that bridge can help those too little to cross on their own…..


MamaCat reaches a gate and swings it open, shutting and fastening it firmly behind her. She heads for the cottage, nodding and smiling at all who are outside, rocking and walking in the moonlight, little bundles in their arms and on their shoulders….


There are benches and rocking chairs outside too, and little paths so that older tired feet can carry little ones with no chance of tripping. Baby kittens of all colors are also here, being petted and fussed over, treated as the babies they are….


MamaCat enters the cottage, heading for one crib. Next to it is a rocking chair with a kind warm grandma sitting rocking a small bundle. She looks up at MamaCat and smiles. Standing, she hands the bundle to MamaCat and helps her to sit in the rocking chair. MamaCat rocks slowly, and two little dark eyes look up at her and a small smile crosses the little face tucked in the blankets. MamaCat tells little Jacob all about his mama and daddy, and about his big sister Abby. And while she talks, a tear falls now and then on the blue blanket covering little Jacob….


The Grandma’s and Grandpa’s here know all the moms and dads, grandpa’s and grandma’s, aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters that come to visit, and which little bundle or which little ball of fur, belongs to whom. They are all loved and held and snuggled and snorgled, kept safe and warm and fed, till their person comes to take them across the bridge…..


MamaCat had finished feeding little Jacob, and she holds him to her shoulder tightly while she pats his back, telling him again of all who love him. She stands and tenderly places him into his crib, and he looks up at her and smiles one last time before closing his eyes in peaceful sleep. MamaCat turns and there is a grandma, ready to fold her into her arms and hold her while she weeps…..


The Grandma’s and Grandpa’s are also there for those who come to visit, for the visiting is hard, and there are many tears on all sides. But the Grandpa and Grandma Cottage is magical, so that all the tears that fall while there are used to grow the most beautiful flowers all around the wall, and all around the cottage; bright colors and safe to eat leaves are all over, grown from those tears shed in love……


MamaCat is comforted, and she holds and loves some of the little kittens at the cottage, too small to even have names given to them before the came to the meadow, but loved just the same. She slowly heads home, once again passing the night watchman, who nods with understanding as she passes…..


The grandpa’s and grandma’s here come and go, some are only there for an hour or two while they gather up their strength to head over the bridge, while others have those they are waiting for and stay at the cottage sometimes for years, but all are full of love, and courage, and hope and peace, all the things little babies, of any kind, need to be cared for.


When you lost a little one, don’t forget to visit the Grandpa and Grandma cottage, it’s bigger on the inside than it looks, and there is always love and peace served there.


22 thoughts on “Noo Addishun tu deh Princess Mu Medow

  1. Thank you Catena. Feb 1 it will be one year, and iz still bery sad, but wen I realized der wuz a plaec fur teh bebbehs, and teh grandpa’s and grandma’s and awl, i had tu du teh riting ob it!

  2. *…tries to type thru leeky iis…* Anniversaries ob loss awr espeshully difficult. Ai iz sew sorry. {{{{{MamaCat adn famblee}}}}
    Fank yew for teh courage adn grace tew gib us awl sumfing sew byootimus — espeshully wen it growifies out ob your sadness. Yoo iz beyootimus persun.

    Iz sew gudgudgud dat teh Geogra Bees ob teh Meadow are sew flexiblol!

  3. tihs iz not teh pome ai ment too ryte butt iz teh wun taht caym too mee:

    o hao glorry uss wee wuz
    az wee stuud adn fased teh mon sturs
    hao brayv wee mussd hav luukd
    wiff owr bannurz wayvin torl

    adn nun oz uz wood ask
    for sumwon too replayce uz
    thoe ar hartz woz kwaykin
    az teh battul hym bee gan

    adn wen teh fyte had ended
    adn wee struggld owr wae homeward
    wee tuuk a sollem moe ment
    too morn teh wunz weed lost

    butt neber neber ask
    woz teh battl worf it
    neber seek to kwes chun
    teh pryce wee had too pae

    for tihs ai hav too sae
    inn ansur to teh dowterz
    wee AR owr brovurz keeperz
    adn prowd wee ar too bee

  4. Mamacat, it has been 25 years December 29th, and i still miss my little guy—but it does become more bearable. And we will see them again—and there will be no more sorrow, and He will wipe away every tear.

  5. Ohai Mamacat, and thank you ever so much for those beautiful words of comfort. I am sitting here with the leaky eyes, Michael, my boyfriend, is maintaining well with dialysis and medication; he is, after all, a very young man, (younger than I) but it is likely he will go before me and my heart will go with him. I have been trying not to think of it, and getting so very scared and sad when it does cross my mind! I am so thankful for the idea that he will be there waiting for me, helping the Grandmas and Grandpas care for the babies, loving them as he would his own, and letting them go with their people when the time comes. I can also envision him caring for the babies we are unable to have, and bringing me to them when my time comes. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me find peace in my fear, to find hope in my sorrow, to find gardens in my tears!

  6. Oh, MamaCat, how this made me cry. I’m crying for my little lost grandson Luke and for the loss of your dear husband. He and Jacob are now together, waiting for you.

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