Scott am Owtta deh Woodz

Dis b grate nooz frum Altosinger (Janey)!

Thus saith the doctor. I haven’t published how very serious this was, because i just was dealing with the moment-by-moment, myself, and i wasn’t quite sure. Not to mention they didn’t give me the stats on that particular brand of meningitis till today, and it was a tad overwhelming. It was a close call, suffice it to say.

We have aq long uphill climb for the rehab process—they told me the average is about a year to get altogether togethr mentally because of the shock to one’s brain, but that they think Scott will do better than that, because he has come so far already. They are now officially starting to look for a facility reasonably close to Yakima. Because of his previous physical condition, it is possible that a skilled nursing facility would be better than a hospital facility. We shall see!

Please keep the prayers going–i will need much grace to get through the days and weeks ahead and to remember that “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Thank you all SO much for your support and love during this time!

GOD bless you all exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think!
Love you all bunches! —janey


19 thoughts on “Scott am Owtta deh Woodz

    • Thank you, darling! I do appreciate it! I forgot to mention–he stood up for the nawt-sekkund thyme today!
      Love you lots! –janey (altosinger)

  1. Just caught up with things since I’m new to this particular cheezblog [duz it beez habbing crunchd-uppt peekans awl ober it?], but I am so glad to hear that things are going well — despite a long recovery period to look forward to — for Scott AND you. Hope you got some good rest AND some more clean socks — and lots more kisses!
    You’ll both be in my prayers and thoughts as time goes on and progress is made.
    Lots of love from deep in the heart of Texas —

  2. Oh, sweetie, that is wonderful news. I ask that healing and divinely powered light shine on you and your dear husband, and that you will receive the very best outcome.

  3. ai wishing ur Scott b upp upp upp dansdansdansing teh Scottische, butt! iz gud teh stoop ebil pleh men in giantis be awl goned. Fanking awr lubbing an powerful Lord dat hii is bedder.

    U getz teh resst u needz, k? An kepe singing!

    Beemz an praers fur full recubberey fur ur hubcat an payshumpt fur u bofe!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Janey an Scott}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    • Nawt tew mennies ob us noes waht a Scottische is — gudgudgud for yew!!

      *…grabs k3k1g: step/step/step-hop; step/step/step-hop; step-hop; step-hop; step-hop; step-hop/turn…repeetify on otter foot…*

      *…apologizes to otters for step/hopping on feets…*

      • I remember learning that in gradeschool, but it has been so many years, i had forgotten! Thanks, hon!
        Love you! –janey (altosinger)

  4. O hai, Janey an’ Scott!

    AI just hearded teh gud noos!

    [Lol-speak off]
    I am so very happy to hear that your husband is getting better and better each day. I’ll keep praying for you and him as hard as I can for quick recovery!!

    [Lol-speak back on] Haedbonkz tew yuu nd ur huzzbin! *headbonkz*

  5. Wonderful news Janey and Scott! It was nearly a year ago that my daughter had viral meningitis, and you probably recall she was in a coma for a while, and we thought that we would loose her, but thank CC she came back to us. Whilst she still has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and often still gets dizzyness and headaches, she is generally OK. Yes, it is a long haul, but every day that goes by brings just little improvements, and that’s what counts.
    It is difficult, but it will get better. You were fortunate that you didn’t know how serious it all REALLY was. I knew ALL of the possible outcomes, as I am an RN, and I was terrified even after 37 years as an RN. Sometimes not knowing has some great advantages.LOL.
    Sending you both Love and Light and asking for many Angels to be with you both.
    {{{Janey and Scott}}}

  6. Yaaaaaaaaaay!! iz berry berry gudgudgud gnus! Sew very glad to hear dat hubby is better. Wii continues teh prayers and beemz for full recubbery, and rest for bofs ob yew.

  7. Janey – sometimes words escape me… just the deep, indescribable concern and love you have for your dear Scott is so touching… that phrase seems so inadequate, but again, words aren’t always adequate….continued prayers for you and Scott and your loved ones.

  8. Janey, you and Scott are in my prayers now. I haven’t been following CheezEbentz at awl foar some time now, but maybe I can get back in the swing for you! I pray for complete healing; and for you to feel God’s hand holding you up. “The LORD is my shepherd…” chris/zf

  9. Nupdayte: Today, he learned to say he was frustrated at what he couldn’t do, rather than saying “Ow” for everything that is not working! And he talked a lot about it, missing words and all. He also asked to see one of our pastors–the first person he’s asked to see since this all started. We are making progress! Thank you all for all your prayers—i need that SO much right now. We hope to find rehab closer to home so i can get something done…i must confess, i am getting antsy to actually do something else for a change–which reflects that he is getting better. My first task at home will be washing dishes…least favorite chore, to be sure, but once it’s done, i’ll feel so much better! We continue to seek GOD’s face in all of this, and He has been very near. And yes—i continue singing!
    Love you all bunches! –janey (altosinger)

  10. Such happy news after the long, long wait and anxiety. My heart is dancing for all of you! Hope the recovery continues speedy and all is well and back to normal soon.

  11. I am so glad to hear that a corner has been turned. Please continue to take it one day at time; my heart swells that you are looking to see the hand of God in this experience. I continue to send positive beams to you and your husband. {{{altosinger & husband}}}.

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