Zipper Goez tu deh Princess Mu Medow

Dis b frum deh Old Lurker:

LOLspeek off:

I am crying as I write this. We had to send my old boy cat, Zipper, over the bridge today. He suddenly developed a UTI, fever, dehydration. Then, they found bladder stones and urethral stricture. Then, renal failure. I know the night watchman will welcome him and he will be at peace and not hurt anymore. This is the cat that adopted us and was content to sit next to you as long as he could touch you. He was such a lover. I’m going to miss him.

Old Lurker, Gail

PS: He’s on the calendar so he is also famous!


23 thoughts on “Zipper Goez tu deh Princess Mu Medow

  1. {{{gail and zipper and fambly}}}

    Mai ize am leekeen for yu an you loss ub yor Zipper boi. Kittehz dat hab cheezpeepz for hoomanz ar winnerz in teh kitteh lottery, aifinkso. Him wuz a lukkeh, lukkeh kitteh wiff a guud lyfe anna hyoomayn deff.

    • wut her sed.
      {{{{{{{{gail and fambly}}}}}}}}}}
      Zipper is alredy chasing flutterbeys in teh Medow, and wil bii redde fur cuddles wif u wen u meet agen.

  2. I am so sorry, Gail. You gave him a good home, and he obviously appreciated it. Take comfort in the happy memories you have, and know that he is at peace. {{{{{{Zipper and Old Lurker}}}}}}

  3. o, Gail, i haz a surry tu hear in dis. iz all waz hard tu luz member of fambly. Now he iz a heart kitteh, an is awl heeled and helfy, playin in teh medow. Iz gud u haz teh memories, they may hurt naow, butt(!!) later dey will bee sew comforting.

  4. I hassa berry big sad wif yu….my Millie went to teh bridge lass Mundaze…it is so painful to lose one of owr bebbehs….{{{Gail}}}…we share your grief, may fren…..

  5. iz tyme to sae gudby

    wee mayd owr lyvez toogehter
    hoo wyl ai bee wiffowt yoo

    yoo gayv wiffowt cumplaynin
    wen evver ai woz needin

    yoo wer mai staff adn sheeld
    mai support mai gardyan

    yoo neber asked for moer tahn
    yoo nyoo taht ai cud gyv yoo

    butt for tihs wonse ai’ll stryv
    too bee bigguh, too bee stronguh
    ai wyl bee reddee

    froo mai teerz, mai hart ake
    ai’ll lett yoo goe befor mee
    ai wyl bee reddee

    butt carree mai luv wiff yoo
    too worm yoo untyl ai kan
    hold yoo inn teh meddoe

    adn nao ai’m reddee

  6. I am very sorry to hear about your loss, Gail. Be comforted by the knowledge that Zipper is in a wonderful place now, playing with other heart pets. It sounds as if his illness came on swiftly and you took the right steps to ensure that he did not suffer long. You did the right thing and Zipper loves you for that. You will never forget Zipper but you will heal in time.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{Old Lurker adn fambly adn Zipper}}}}}}}}}}}}

  7. Mai iis are leeking too — ai iz sew very sorry. Zipper habs joinified awl teh aminals habbing a playful argument ober hoo habs teh bestest hoomin… He wills awlways watch ober yoo adn sumdai wills run to greet yoo agin, adn den yoo wills be togevver forebber. Teh luv iz nebber ebber losted, it onlee grows adn grows in teh perfect place where dere is onlee peese adn joi.

  8. {{{{{{Zipper & Old Lurker}}}}}} Am aym sew sorri fur ur payne. U adn ur boi-kit aire in mai thoughts adn prayerings…

  9. Dear Old Lurka adn Zipper, froo mai leeky aiz ai send yoo big huggs adn beems, yoo luvved himz adn gaiv himz teh bestest laif a kitteh cud ask four – it still hurtz so mutch wehn tehy haz to leev. Ai stil haz a big hurt for Smokey hoo went ober too teh Medow nerly free munfs agow. {{{{{{{{{{{{{Old Lurker adn Zipper }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  10. {{{{{OldLurker & Famblee & Zipper}}}}}

    Loozin owr hart bebbehz iz sumfin we haz awl bin thru — sum moar den uvvers & sum moar recentlee den uvvers. Ai bet mah Spot who crost teh bridj on Catsmus Eeb haz givved Zipper a beeg welkum. Mebbe dey iz curled up togevver rite nao, hazzin a nap in a sunbeem.

    Ai iz sew sry to heer uv ur loss. 😥

  11. Be comforted that yu made teh final decision owt ov luv fur yur furrbebbeh. Treshure yur memries, they will help to patch the hole in yur hart.


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