Bluesfan Offline

Dis came tu us frum 3Cattails:

*Snail comes racing in and screeches to a halt*

*Cattails reaches down for teh teeny tiny postcard teh snail is waving about.*

*Cattails pats teh snail on teh head and thanks him fer his swift ‘n speedy delivery*

Ahem…Cattails reads note frum Bluesfan473. “Blargity blasrazafratzen Comcast!”

Translashun: Bluesfan wants me to let ebryone know she be wifout intertoobs until 1/31 or *shudders* mebbe longer. They told her she needed a gnu modem and the one they sed wud werk, dinnit! Sew nao she has to wait fer teh cable guy to come make matters moar worser…err… fix things up. She was finkin maybe nobody wud notice she was gone, but I know her witty posts will shirley be missed. ai hope it gets fixified on Moanday!

She says “whimper…withdrawal…eep it’s snowing again…whimper” and hopes to be back on line someday…


13 thoughts on “Bluesfan Offline

  1. yikes ! ai fink da cable guys is holdin us awl hostage !! help owr BF CC! oh, yesh, pweez! an pweez tell da cable guy to get der monday at 8am anda fings be awl fixifyed by 9am- 4fwee !

  2. Fank you, Cattails fur keepin’ us posted on teh Bluesfan. Yes, we hab missed her. If you can let her know, we is waitin’ fur her return. You is a good frend & we luvs you, too. Kthnx, Nippy.

  3. Whut’s dis? Nowun notice dat Bluesfan iz gone? Ebery dai dat she nawt on ICHC iz a sadder day. BF: ai sympafize wif you ober da Comcast. Ai uses Qwest modem, but my intertube provider iz sumwun else adn ai haz nawt had any problems (so far – 4 years).

  4. I know how BF feels: I won’t have mine for another week due to my son’s playing World of Warcraft. I’m at the library using their ‘net.
    Loves to all.
    > ^ ; ^ <

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