Catherine Cat, RIP

Dis bit uv nooz comez from ower frend, JD:

Wud yu be able tu let cheezpeeps knoe dat Catherine, teh kitteh wu owned me, haz stormed Rainbow Bridge adn iz demanding hugs.


29 thoughts on “Catherine Cat, RIP

  1. {{{{JD}}}} I don’t think we’ve ever met, but kitteh lovers are united by that common thread ^^ . Catherine is a beautiful 3 syllable name I will tuck away for a future kitten i.d..

  2. {{{JD}}} Whenever a cheezpeep haz a furry friend cross da bridje, eberywun in Cheezland hazza sad along wif da parint ob da furry friend.

  3. (*extends teh floofy paw* )
    I am so sorry about your Catherine Cat, JD. My crew (Mac, Peaches, Nichi, Timothy & Winifred) over there will give her many hugs.
    And I am giving you many, many hugs.

  4. {{{{{{{{{{JD}}}}}}}}}}

    Ower hart kittehs Muffin, Felix, Cassidy, and Napoleon has meeted Catherine Cat and be showin her around teh meddow rite nao.

  5. {{{{{{{JD}}}}}}} I’m sorry to hear of your loss. My hart kittehs Pixel, Pookie, Kitty, and their friends are welcoming Catherine into their midst where she will receive the hugs she is demanding and all the love she so rightly deserves.

  6. JD, I am so sorry for your loss….my Millie just got there herownself…and will most assuredly show Catherine around…so many of our babies gone too soon….**sigh**

  7. A hooge fanks to eberywun who has pwsted and/oar sent hugs by thawt. I nebber did fynd out how old Catherine reely was – iffen the Oregon Humane Society’s guess was rite, she was 6.5 years old. Iffen teh mainsteam vets were rite, she was 12.5 years old. Iffen teh lastest vet I tuk her to was rite, she was 18. Jus’ roll a 12-sided dice adn add 6.

    Her lastest nite wib me, she crawled onto my neck adn stayed dere teh hole nite, gibing me dreams to let me know it was ok, that she noo how much I lubbed her and wud fite foar her, but dat it woz thyme.

    On her lastest day, I sprinkloled her wib catnip sew dat she cud trooffully sai she went out on a high. I hopeso fink dat it may hab eased teh payne a little foar her sew dat she wud be able tew mayk hur lastest fysical jurney adn hur firstest spiritual jurney in comfort

  8. Stormed teh Rainbow Bridge & demanding hugs…snerk! What a great way to go! Catherine is an unusual name for a kitteh….did you call her Cat for short? JD, I’m sure she is up there kicking up her heels and frolicking in the grass with her refound youth. The catnip was a wonderful idea….I will remember it. You made each other’s lives better, and even though she is physically gone, she will continue to enrich your life with your memories. My heart is with you. {{{{{{JD & Catherine}}}}}}

  9. Teh hole Catherine left in yu hart wil be filled with teh menneh happee memries ov teh tiem yu spent together. Yu ar in mai thorts.


  10. Ai iz sew sorry. But it sounds liek yoo gibbed her a wundermus send-off. Adn rememberate, she iz still watching ober yoo, and lubs yoo for ebber adn ebber. Dis is such a difficult tiem, adn mai hart goes owt to yoo. {{{{{JD}}}}}}

  11. JD, Sorry to hear about your loss. The loss of one of our furry family members leaves a hole in all our hearts.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Catherine }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} and many cans ub tuna as well!

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