Prayers needed for KCT

Sweetpea posted this on ICHC:

ohai. Pls to be sending beams/good thoughts/ and prayers for our friend KCTailkinker . Cattails is taking her to hospital; KCT may lose her leg to Staph infection.
She can has the survivor guilt from Maus’s death.



44 thoughts on “Prayers needed for KCT

  1. This was posted on her facebook status:

    Carol Habig
    Cattails is taking me to the ER. It is possible I may lose the leg today because of the same problem from 9/25/10. My biggest prayer I need is that it doesn’t affect my heart. Prayers needed from friends and family. I have been crying all night and praying that it didn’t go into my heart.

  2. My mother fought a MRSA infection for several years until she won. It is a very tough infection to fight so all of my thoughts and prayers are with you KCT. Sending beams straight to your heart to protect it.

  3. oh, deer KCT, awl owr strongest beemz am being sent tu u! U haz a well uv strength deep inside u dat wii keep filling wif ower lubz. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{KCT}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  4. deer hunny, i feel so bad for yu to b hertin an to b so scared at the same time- i b sendin yu awl my lubs n hugs an beems ob heelin to yu KCT{{{{{{{{{{{{{{KCT}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} hab sum hedbonks an schmoozes, toozes ! Mel

  5. oh no! knot agin! u pour wunderful cheezefrend.
    aiz sendin stongest ebber beemz ob heeling an love an courage >>>>>>>>>>>***>>>>>

    ai has grate admirachion 4 u an ur frend cattails. ai wish ai cud due moor, butt awl ai kan due iz tell you ai iz wiff u in spirit an in da oneness of our universe.

  6. KCT, i iz sending teh beems of strength and healing, and haz a candle lit for good energy coming your way, awl owr thouts ar wif u!

    -*-*-*-*-*-*>>>>>>>healing beems>>>>>>>-*-*-*-*-*-*

  7. Oh noes. Ai hopes da best fur KCT. She haz been thru so much adn nao dis. Pleeze CC, we need sum extra strong beems fur KCT.
    {{{{{KCT}}}}} you will be in my prayers ebery nite

  8. KCT was admitted to the hospital this morning with a very elevated white blood count. She was in a great deal of pain. She is now on a different antibiotic. We do not know what the next step will be.
    You can emeow me for more information or send notes to me and I’ll see she gets them: cattails3 at yahoo dot com.
    She is quite frightened, as we all are.
    And thank you OnleeKitteh and BC, it is very upsetting for me and I appreciate your beems and hugs, too.

  9. beemz and hugs for KCT and Cattails … this is very scary, but I am reassured by damommza saying her mom fought MRSA for years … and won. Cattails, please give Carol my best … I’m thinking of her and praying hard.

  10. Dear Carol, i don’t know what to say, except “He (or she ) who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty…though a thousand shall fall at my side and ten thousand at my left hand, I will not fear…I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress, my GOD, in Him will I trust.” I hold you up before the LORD and trust that He holds you close in His arms.I pray for healing and wholeness and that whatever the root cause of this will be discovered and dealt with. And i speak peace to your heart, as well.
    All my love—janey

  11. Mai awl teh cheezlubs weev tugevur tu maek a purrtiktiv kloak arownd yur hart, KCT. Ai send beems tu teh dokturz adn nursiz tu haz teh betist insyte adn gibbon yu teh gratist kaer. Ai send moar beems tu yu adn yur loyil frend cattails tu bofe haz stremf adn hoap.

  12. Beams and prayers for you, KCT, and you too, Cattails. More of same for the doctors, nurses, and others caring for you.


  13. Healing beems and prayers are heading to you, KCT, and to dear Cattails, from here in VA.
    {{{KCT}}} and {{{Cattails}}}

  14. Awltho we habs nawt met, Iz feels liek I noes yu frum reeding abowt yu. Yu habs a wunnerfull sirklol ob Cheezfrenz adn Iz addin mai heelin beemz adn prayers foar yu to koms owt ob tihs terribul struggul whole adn well.

  15. BEEEEEEMS of helf an strengf, an hugs heded ur way, {{{{KCT}}}}! An to {{{{cattails}}}}, too, is amazin to noe u taykes such gud care of KCT.

  16. Awl gud forts adn beems cummin ober teh Big Pond tew KCT adn Cattails, ai hoepz tehy will joyn wif awl teh gudness frum teh uvver Cheezpeeps adn proteckt yew bof. {{{{{{{{{{{KCT adn Cattails }}}}}}}}}}}

  17. Lubs and beams of healing and comfort to KCT and Cattails! Big schmoos to both of u! Will be finking of u… *keep leg and heart safe … keep leg and heart safe … keep leg and heart safe … *

  18. OMCC…..I thought she was all better??? Please let her know we are sending our strongest healing beams to her!!! Can we email her in the hospital? Most hospitals offer that service now….it goes to the main computer and is hand delivered to patient rooms…..

  19. KCT!!!!! Bee strong! We awl luv yu! Ai is sew sowree tu heer abowt dis adn tu bee sew layte in sending mai prayerz adn thots adn heeling beems! Ai onlee had innernet awn mai fone adn cuddnt repli tu dis befoar. Remembur dat ur Cheezfambily is wayting foar yu tu get bettar suun! (insert lil’ hearts here since I don’t know how to make them)


  20. I talked with KCT this morning and she is doing gud. Surgery went well. Thankfully they did NOT remove her leg, but just the metal hardware in the knee and leg to halp heal teh infecshun. She thanks u all for ur beems and lub and hugs. We has a blizzard here and ai cannot get to visit till teh snow stops. I will be bringing Dr. Tinycat to oversee her recubbery.

    • OOOPS!!!! I meaned to say THEY DID NAWT REMOVE HER LEG!!!! Just the hardware in the artificial knee. Soooo sorry for the typo!

      Edit bai mj: I fixinged ur comment, cattails. {{{{Cattails}}}}} U am such a gud cheezfrend!!! I finso u am a reel HERO!!!!

    • Ai hazza fankful dat KCT am dewing OK fur nao – aihopeso the remubal uv the hardwares will halping muchlee!! Eggstra antibuggificashun beems tu KCT, and warm cumfurt beems tu u, deer Cattails. {{{{{KCT}}}}} {{{{{Cattails}}}}}

      Mai fren at werks gawted the MRSA affer a hip replaycemint, adn fortunatele affer a yeer+ wuz ablol to be rid uv it, adn nawt hadded tu remoobing the implant.

    • Fankys foar teh updayte, Cattails. I’z been finking abowt KCT adn hoaping she wud be ok. Mai fren down teh street gotted an infekshun after a hippy replayssmint, adn I noes hao hard it wuz for him tu fyted it. Bless yu, Cattails, foar bein such a gud adn loyal fren. {{{{{Cattails}}}}}
      KCT, hayng in dair!!! {{{{{KCT}}}}}

    • {{{{{Cattails}}}}} adn {{{{{KCT}}}}}
      Fankies, Cattails, fur da uppydate. Ai wuz so happy tu see on ICHC dat da gnus wuz dere az well. Ai hopes remobing da hardware duz da trick adn she nawt haz anymore problums. Dere’s been enuf (you hears me CC? ai said ENUF) bads in her life da last coupla years.

  21. O, cattails, wut gud news! gib her ower lubs, and hugs! an sum fur u tu, i no iz nawt ezee tu be duing this, an i am shur Carol appreciates it muchly, as do we awl!

  22. Lots of beems of support and comfort to KCT and Cattails! Hospitals are pretty pleh, but hopefully Dr. Tinycat will sort everything out asap!

  23. Ai haz a grate happi to here dis! Sum info on da terrubul MRSA bacterium:

    When a person has an artificial body part (such as a hip or knee replacement) and they become infected with MRSA, the bacteria attaches itself to the artificial part and they then become colonized with the bacteria. Even though they are given high doses of antibiotics, the artificial part has no blood supply so the bacteria that is attached to it cannot be killed. In order to rid the body of the bacteria, the artificial part is sometimes removed then the patient is treated with antibiotics and when the bacteria is finally killed off. a new, sterile, artificial part is put back in and then the person is cured. My mother had a hip and knee replacement then developed a MRSA infection that was treated for years until it was finally resolved.

    Lots of stremf and support and beems for KCT adn Cattails adn a hoo-rai for all!

  24. Dis is such gud nyoos! Ai iz sending yu lotsnlotsnlots ov beems fur a full adn speedee recubbry.


    {{{{{{{{KCT adn Cattails}}}}}}}}

  25. Oh mai CC! I just gotified back hoem after helping my momcat out of town, and ai finded dis abowt owr beloved KCT — Dear one, owr very bestest strongest beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeems and prayers are being sent your way. Yoo is sew strong and brave, and yoo has extra best wunndermus buddy in Cattails to helpify yoo fru dis.
    {{{{{{{{{{KCT}}}}}}}}}}}}}} and {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Cattails}}}}}}}}}}}}
    Cheezland is wif yoo!

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