Scott adn Altosinger Bak in Yakima

Dis grate nooz am frum Altosinger (Janey):

We are back in Yakima, and i am back home! I slept quite well last night, and even though Scott’s not in Memorial but Yakima Valley Regional Hospital (rm 302), he is much more at peace, and less confused than one might expect. I have mountains of housework to do, but i will take it in small bites. Dr. Dave is glad to have Scott close by, and we will do the necessary rehab as Scott can tolerate it. The leg with the clot actually looked a little better last night, so please keep up the prayers for both of us. I think it will take a while for me to recuperate from the past 5 weeks (counting the fusion surgery on 12/23/10), but at least i am home with my support system. Thank you all for your prayers! Please keep them up–the road ahead is long, barring a miracle, and i will need all the help i can get.
GOD bless you all—
Love, janey


15 thoughts on “Scott adn Altosinger Bak in Yakima

  1. Prayers and good thoughts to both you and Scott. I wish I could give you that miracle. Remember to take care of yourself too. I will be keeping you both in my prayers. Now get some rest!

  2. gud gnus!
    ur cheeze frendz stand strong wif u an scott. wi iz dere 4 u.
    {{{{janey an scott an dr tinycats an fambli an frendz}}}}

    an da housewerk kan weight. take gud kare of urself nawt secund.

  3. Things always seem more manageable when one is at home, don’t they? Please relax as much as you can and don’t try to catch up on your housework all in one day! I am sending positive beams to you. God bless!

  4. o, being hoem is awlwaiz bedder! much healing and soothing and calming beems to us boff, and taek tiem to relax! u needz tu keep up ur energee tu!

  5. U dew wut u can an let teh dust bunnehs fend for tehmselbs.
    Teh road to recubry may be long, but you are strong and peeps are tehre to lend support.
    {{{{{{{{Janey an Scott }}}}}}}

  6. Nummer Wun Fing tu rimemburing abowt teh Wurks ob teh Hows: Dust bees Naychurs wae ob purrtekting ur valyoobul purrzeshuns frum ultruh-byohlit raydeeayshuns.

    Nummer Too Fing dittoh: Teh spawtliss hows bees teh scyne ob teh Miss Spent liefs.

  7. Thank you all for the wonderful comments and good things! I have cleaned my kitchen, and am playing piano again–not to prove anything, but to center and have an outlet. The cleaning is a good outlet for frustrations, and prevents less acceptable outlets…like using pillows in an un-approved fashion, if you get my drift. The playing eases my heart, as it always has, if i let it. GOD bless you all, and thanks.
    All my love—janey

  8. Good luck to both of you! Illness is never easy, especially with someone you love hurting. But keep your chins up, and remember that a yummy meal cures many ills 🙂 (And that Chinese restaurants are a blessing when you’re too tired to cook!)

    • I will have to consider that. I actually went and got a little pizza for lunch today–and couldn’t even finish that. That’s okay, i had the leftovers for supper. The Chinese restaurants in yakima are not as good as the ones in So. Cal, but they’ll do!
      Love you bunches! –janey

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