Lundun Cheezmeet

Dis msg b frum Nennepuss:

Heer ye, Heer ye!

It’s time for the nawt-sekkund internationlol londun cheezmeet of twenty-elebenty!

Where, u mite wander? it this kaffey called LukMumnohands!!, centrally low catered (akshulleh highly catered…) neer Barbican in eest-londun

When, u mite wander? Sunday, febrooairy 20th at 1 p.m – just in time for lunch and tee and coffee and otter sordid noms and sips..

have kwesthuns? send me a messidje at nennepus at yahoo dott com

Come wun – come all!


3 thoughts on “Lundun Cheezmeet

  1. *…whines…* Sigh…ai wuz in Lunnon menny yeers ago for a while. Ai lubbed it. Ai wishes ai could bee dere! Lifts a pint for mii!

  2. Unfor-tuna-atterly, we am “oop North” (where ’tis always grim….), sew pleez to bee nomming an sipping lotsanlotsanlots 4 mee!!!!! Hmmm, wud it bee der tees or coffiffees or sordid alcofrols, save sum creemy caekies an sum ittle sandwishes an sordid uvver deelishuss stuffs…..kthnxbai…..!!!

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