Scott’s Condition am Nawt Good

Dis am frum Altosinger (Janey):

Today, i talked to Scott’s neuro doctor. He wanted to know how much i wanted them to do for Scott if he continues to get worse. Bless him, he said to pray about it for a few days before i answer. I need to know the LORD’s will in this situation, and i need to have strength to stand on that. The “what ifs” are not exactly conducive to great faith levels; i will stand on GOD’s promises. And i’ll tell you what, if i thought the LORD wanted it, i would pour my bottle of olive oil over the man! I want–and NEED–GOD’s grace for this situation. So please pray hard, friends and family. Please pray hard. Thank you all—
Love you—janey


31 thoughts on “Scott’s Condition am Nawt Good

  1. Janey —
    My prayers and thoughts are with you and Scott at this hard time. Just know that your cheezfrends are with you in spirit, if not in actual fact, and that we’re ALL sending beemz ub luv adn heelin ur way.
    “Thy will be done” is one of the hardest phrases to utter — may your faith give you strength.

  2. Prayers and beeeeeeemz from us. May God give you both strength and peace, and the grace of a clear decision if you have to make one. But we will pray hard for healing. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Janey and Scott}}}}}}}

  3. Whatever you do, Janey, will be the right thing because God gave you your heart and brain and if you listen to them both and make a decision it will be God’s will. I will send my prayers and beams to you both!

    {{{{Janey and Scott}}}}

  4. O ai am sry to heering dis. Lordhabmersee, Christhabmersee, Lordhabmersee. 😦

    Wil sending praers four ur knoeing rite fing to du dats bestest fur Scott. Lyfe am sakred butt! wii luks forrard to lyfe dat nebber enz. Ai cannawtz gib teh spiffic advisses, ai iz 2 farr awai an ai nawt ur paster. Butt Holy Spirit wil being ur gide an hii keping u bofe in lubs an peas ob Christ.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Janey & Scott}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    • We who are part of this community of faith help each other in many ways, and the prayers are the biggest help we can give. Scott is better today—he is more clear today than he has been in some time, and for most of the day, the fever was down. He also has had less edema (swelling) today. I will continue to stand on the promises, the LORD has given me for Scott—from 38 years ago. They have been fulfilled in several ways, and they will continue to be fulfilled Thank you ALL for the prayers—don’t let up on them for even a moment! GOD bless you and keep you!
      Love you all—janey

    I found out why he went downhill so fast! They took a person who was steroid-dependent from 35 mg/day of prednisone down to ZERO. In TWO WEEKS FLAT. Without telling me. Now i need to deal with the doctor….that is strictly against the law in this state. I have power of attorney since Scott has not been clear in his mind and i am his spouse. So more prayers, that i speak the LORD’s words and not mine. Thank you all SO much—janey

  6. Wow, that’s crazy about the steroids. That must be one overworked doctor, to approve something like that!

    I’ll continue to hold both of you in my thoughts and send lots of beems your way. Good luck, and remember, taking a few minutes for yourself every day can make all the difference for your own sanity and wellbeing!

  7. {{{{{{{{{{Janey and Scott}}}}}}}}}} Pray without ceasing.

    ” The LORD bless thee, and keep thee;
    The LORD make His face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee;
    The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.”
    Numbers 6:23–27

  8. Prayers adn beeeeemz continyoo…

    Iz frustrating to learn dat teh Dr. did that, on teh otter paw, at least yoo haz a definite answer as to waht happened. Iz teh mysteries dat b sew hard! Wii iz praying super hard dat fings will turn around nao — teh Princess is wagging her tail double tiem for yoo!

  9. O mai. Ai haz teh gobby smakkt. Didd teh doktor habbing teh eggs plan ashums?

    *shaykes hed*

    Teh mercee an peas an strongth ob owr Lord be wiv u bofe allatyme.

  10. Wow, Janey! I don’t get on here so much lately cuz life’s kinda nutso, n here I see all this and feel bad I haven’t known about your hubby’s illness. I will be praying for him to be miraculously healed in God’s time and for you both to be held in the Loving Arms of our Lord, who heals all our afflitions and cleanses us with His sacrifice… God is able, and He loves His children!!! Blessings and huge hugs to you and Scott!! (((((((((Scott and Janey)))))))))))

    • Oh, beloved, thank you! We have had several updates, and i am overdue to post another–when he gets better, my work with him increases, and i don’t always have the energy to write the news–the “bulletins as they break’, as they used to say on the news in Southern Cal when i was growing up. GOD bless you, dear one, and keep the prayers going!
      Love you! —janey (altosinger)

  11. Darling,
    I will pray with all my heart for the Lord to touch your heart with his desires for you and Scott.
    Keep the faith.

    • *grins* We used to say, “Don’t keep the faith; pass it around!” Thank you, dear one. GOD bless you with His peace in your coming days.
      All my love—janey (altosinger)

  12. Prayers for you and Scott. “They” say He never gives us more than we can handle. Sometimes, I’m sorry, but sometimes I have to wonder. My love and prayers.

    • The actual verse is I Corinthians 10:13:
      No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.

      We don’t do it alone—it is by the power of the Holy Spirit living within us as believers that we get through these things. GOD has been with me every step of the way, and we are making great progress. I could NEVER do this without His help, because i am a bigole wimp….okay, i’m a LITTLE ole wimp, at 5’1″, but you know what i mean. In any case, He is big enough to handle our questions. A friend of mine used to say, “You might as well tell GOD how you feel; He already knows anyway!” GOD bless you and hold you close in His arms today, beloved.
      All my love—janey (altosinger

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