A Tan Q frum KCT

Dis haz arrivinged fru KCT:

OHAI! I missed all of you! i can’t be online too long because of my pain but i wanted to touch all of you. it has been a trip and i can’t believe it! I need to go pretty soon because they want to weigh me. i thank all the cards, calls, gifts and all prayers and beems and everything. They mean so much! everyone helps me and i hope you keep sending cards!
Hedbonks & purrs!


And from Cattails:
Mini tanks to everyone for all teh cards and get well wishes. It took KCT a few days to figger owt wut was going on, aifinkso! Moar n moar cards kept arriving each day. She is thrilled to know so many cheezpeeps care about her!
It was really nice owt today and she got to go owtside for a few minnits. When she came back in teh receptshunist asked her name. When she told her, she said “Oh! Ur teh one who gets all the cards!” She is famous or infamous alreaddy. Lettuce keep teh cards coming…KCT has a reputation to keep up!



7 thoughts on “A Tan Q frum KCT

  1. Iz just grate tu see KCT getting on-line eben if only fur a few minutes. Dis iz truly an improbement. Ai keeps sending cards and beems tu. Cattails – you iz an inspirashun tu me fur you care ob annuver wundermous cheezpeep.

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