Praers and Beemz Needed

Dis b frum Kat3Kets1Gog:

O hayle, mah Cween!

Ai habbing dis hoombul reekwest ob u.  Ai needing teh Cheezpeeps 2 sending up praers an beemz fore mai bruvver Bob.  Hii habbing teh straynj an skarry illness wear teh nerbs in himz tung be going awl rong.  So it be swellinged upp an hii cannawt speechifying ennymore berry mush.  Teh speshulist dokters saying teh nerbs be dedded an fings will ony getting wurs an wurs!  Dey sai iz nuffings dey can do!

Soe farr him canz eat an breev an doo dem portant fings, butt! ai be verry worried.  Hii libbing farr farr awai Deep Inna Hart ob Teksus, soe ai don’t seeing him berry much too knoe hoaw hii be doin.  I wil gib uppydaytz whin ai getz dem.

Ai preshyates awl teh gud fots an beemz an praers fore him, an also for hims wife.  Dey be depending onna praers to maeking fings bedder, ebben when teh doktorz say nawt!  Boss ob Ceiling Cat knoes moar dan tehy do, yesh?

Fanks to u an alla Cheezpeeps!



24 thoughts on “Praers and Beemz Needed

  1. Kat3Kets1Gog: Ai tew libs Deep Inna Hart ob Teksus [Austin], sew iff derez ennyfing Ai kin dew tew hep ur brudder, plz tew letz me no. Ai kin sned u mai e-mael uhdress iffn u needs it.
    Inna meentaim, ob coarse u adn ur brudder adn hiz waef habz awl mai praers adn beemz.

    {{{{{{{{Kat3Kets1Gog adn brudder adn SIL}}}}}}}}

  2. ai humbblie requesht Boss ov Ceeling Cat tew smilol on ewe adn ur bruvver Bob, adn requesht dat da docs getz imspirashun adn figgur dis mysteryus fing awt. Amen. Beems tew {{{{{{u adn Bob}}}}}}.

    Sometymez a nice bunsch ob beeutimouse springie flairs help briten up da room adn help wif da heelin process…heer”s soem yell-hello daffodillies dat smellz gud, two-lyps (hawt pink adn sordid kolurz), kitteh-willowz, fiddlolhed fernz, adn anyfing else u wantz!

  3. Bruvver Bob may bii Deep Inna Hart ob Texsus, butt(!) himz awlsew bii Deep Inna Hartz ob Cheezpeepz! Wii bii sendingz himz heeling beemz, adn keepkeepkeepingz himz in owr prayerz.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Bruvver Bob}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{Bruvver Bob’s wife}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}


  4. O Boss of hebbenly powers, by teh might ob yur command yoo drive away from owr bodies awl sickness and all infirm..infrim..infirmities: Be present in yur gudgudgudness wif yur servant Bob, dat his weakness maybe banished and his strenf restorified; and dat, his healf being renewed, he may blessify yur holy Name. Amen

    Para frum teh BCP

    Prayers and beeeeeeeeemz from me adn my grrrrrl

    • That’s a good one–and there are lots of good ones in that book! I agree with you, in jesus’ Name!Thanks, Shepmom!
      Love you bunches! —janey

  5. Heavenly Father, you made our bodies. You know what the root cause of this thing is. We come to you and ask you for healing at the very deepest level of Bob’s body, and that you would give the doctors wisdom as to what the sensitivity is that causes this. We also ask for peace of mind for both Bob and his family, and that you would give them your joy, which is your strength, in order to get through this. we ask it in jesus’ mighty Name—amen.

    All my love—janey (altosinger)

  6. K3G1G: ai sends my beems wif da uvver cheezpeeps in hopes your bruvver can gets da help he needs adn da problums goez away wifaquikness.
    {{{{{K3G1G’s bruvver}}}}}

  7. Dear One, Of course we all sends you teh Prayers & teh good Healing Beams! May all your Family be Blessed in all ways. We stand solidly with you. We is teh biggest family of loving, kind hearted folks on teh Planet. Claim the Healing. All our love, Nippy .

  8. Fanku soe mush four teh kynd fots an beemz an praers! Ai heering frum mah sisser-in-law, an shii saying datt tho is badd fing dat am happning, mah bruvver am ablol to du hims werk an keeping upp hiz route teen. (Hims werk iz nawt needing him 2 talking rly). Shii sai, “Bob has such strong faith he has taken everything in stride and believes this is all part of God’s plan for him.”

    Ai hoeping healing be part of teh plan 2! Soe wii preshyates awl teh contin– cont– ongowing prayerz.


  9. Great Spirit, That Which Moves Through All Things — we ask Mercy and Compassion for our brothers and sisters in need. Grant to them the blessing of Faith in infinite possibilities, and comfort them through the ordeal and fear in waiting. Grant to their carers the inspiration, knowledge and dedication needed to help them. And allow us both grace and strength that our loved ones can lean on, through whatever lies ahead.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Kat3, bruvver Bob, Mrs. Bob}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  10. I could only understand a small portion of what you said (my lolspeak is a little rusty) but I get the meaning.
    Will send Good Blessings, Healing Wishes, and Snuggles to Bob.
    Will also say some prayers.
    Never give up, never surrender.

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