Need Prayers for Rhokit

Please send out prayers — good wishes– good vibes– whatever you do– whatever you feel —- Thank you –



37 thoughts on “Need Prayers for Rhokit

  1. ohmai gooness! peeps b fawlin apart heer ! what b wrong wif owr rohkit? an where she b? (we gotz to aim da beems yu know!) sendin lubs n hugs an beems ob heelin awl ober till i heer where to focus !

  2. O noes! Beemz goin awn ohai norf 2 Buffalllowz! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~*************>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



  3. Ai in upstate Nu Yawk adn ai bouncin da beemz offa mai ruf strate to Rhokit!


  4. Oh No! Poor Rhokit! Awl mai lubbin thoughts, prayers & beems are headed to you tonight.

  5. Prayurz n’ poztive waivz bein rushed ober frum France; courage, Rhokit, we’z wif U holdin U strong in awr hartz!

  6. To our Beloved Rhokit & her Family, thousands of us, all around the world, are sending you Love & Healing Vibes. Be well, Precious Friend, & come back to us. Always, Nippy.

  7. By Nippy on Mar 9, 2011 at 10:23 PM

    Just got word that Glynda/Mamagwyn has been placed in ICU. Diagnosis is pneumonia, kidney infection & a mild heart attack. Please send Healing, Loving Energies to her & her Family. Her husband, Richard, sent us the news. She has had a difficult year and needs all our Prayers & Love. Blessings to all, Nippy/Solaria.

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