More Info Bowt Rhokit







21 thoughts on “More Info Bowt Rhokit

  1. Dis am calling fur sum major beems fur Rhokit. Da doktorz needs a steedy hand adn presishun tekniques. Ai asks fur CC’s help.

  2. Sendyng mowr strawng heelifying beems fur Rhokit adn sendyng beems tu hur dokturz adn nursiz tu haz teh ryte insytes adn teh bestist attenshins adn treetmintz tu halpify owur deer cheezfrend Rhokit. {{{{{{{{{{Rhokit}}}}}}}}}}

  3. Moar beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz and prayerifications for owr Rhokit. Wii sends teh comfiest pillow and teh brightbrightbrightest sunbeams so yoo can has comfy warm naps after yur Sir Jury. Yoo is surrounded by a circle ob Cheezpeep lubs.

  4. Dis mowst serious bidness! Sendyng mowt intents beems abailable on earf directly to Rhokits, herz Sir John adn awl da medikal profeshunals tu b helpin herz tu get gudgudgud adn come bak tu cheezeland.

  5. Oh, poor Rhokit!!
    Sending Beems on OHAIST UB OHAI for you to Nawt feel too scared, for teh Safe, Successful Sir Jury and a Complete Recubbery ===============>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  6. Ohmaigudnizz,how skaree fur Rhokit adn hur deer frend!

    *loadz ICBM (Inter-Cheezland Beem Misslol) wif the strawngist possiblol safety, cumfurts and recubbery beems*
    *aims at Buffalol*

    Keeping Rhokit in mai fots tudai. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Rhokit}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  7. Fanku Rhokit an Leamarie 4 teh immyformashums. Noaw wii kan folk cussing teh beemz an teh praers eben harder! Ai sai 2 teh God an Fadder ob mai Lord Jesuz Christ, Lawrd, plz to werking in Rhoket an hir Sir Junz ur perfek heeling powr an 2 helping hir see ur saving helf in teh land ob teh libbing!

    Tish praer nawt for shuffloling awf 2 Buffalolz, butt! goingz fast az God can think!


    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Rhokit an hir borked braynium (gintly)}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  8. *…holds up special roll of eggstraw cyoot ducky tape for awl teh Cheezpeeps to bless be4 wii sends it to Dr. Tinysurgeon to use awn Rhokit’s cranium…*

  9. Oh deery me! Sending sooper strongest ginormous beems of britest bright lite to Rhokit and her medikol team. {{{{{{{{{Rhokit}}}}}}}}}

  10. Mai prayerz adn purrz for yu, deer Rhokit!
    Mai Sir Jury be suksesfful adn yur heelen fast adn eezy!

  11. My prayers and best wishes are for a miracle and a very successful surgery. I pray God to guide the doctors n all who are caring for Rhokit. Believing for strength and healing for her and sending love and hugs! (((((((((((((((Rhokit))))))))))))))

  12. One of my highschool girlfriends just got operated on for a Stage 3 brain tumor and she’s doing fine – has a couple of “rounds” of chemo (I think that’s what they call it) left, but they’re very optimistic. So I’m sending major beems to Rhokit that she turns out as well or better!!

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